A Healthier You Starts with a Good Book!

There are SO MANY books about healthy living.  Where do you start?   

Staying on top of the latest information to help you reach your health goals – and then maintaining them – can be daunting, but we’ve made it a little easier! We’ve sifted through a myriad of titles and are sharing five of the most acclaimed books that are changing the way people think about the foods they eat, exercise, and more!

The Plant Paradox by Steven R Grundy

Is gluten bad…or is there more to the story?  Nearly everyone has heard of gluten, a protein found in wheat that can cause widespread inflammation in the body.  Millions of dollars are spent on gluten-free diets, but what if we’re missing the root of the problem?  

Respected cardiologist Dr. Steven Gundry in his New York Times Bestseller, The Plant Paradox, reveals that gluten is just one type of a common, and highly toxic, plant-based protein called lectin.  Not only are lectins found in grains like wheat, but they’re also in the “gluten-free” foods many regard as healthy, including many fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and dairy products. These proteins, found in the seeds, grains, skins, rinds, and leaves of plants, are designed by nature to protect them from predators (including humans). Once ingested, they can cause inflammatory reactions that can lead to weight gain and serious health conditions.

With a full list of lectin-containing foods and simple substitutes for each, a step-by-step detox and eating plan, and delicious lectin-free recipes, The Plant Paradox illuminates the hidden dangers lurking in your salad bowl—and shows you how to eat whole foods in a whole new way.  It’s a fascinating read that offers many potential health benefits – download it now and get started!   

Bright Line Eating by Susan Peirce Thompson 

By telling her own moving story, Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph. D., shares her groundbreaking weight-loss solution by explaining why people who are desperate to lose weight fail… over and over again.

She contends the reason is because the brain blocks weight loss.

Through her research in the psychology and neuroscience of sustainable weight loss, Thompson teaches us how to heal our brain and shift it into a mode where it is ready to shed pounds, release cravings, and stop sabotaging our weight loss goals. 

Bright Line Eating explores why traditional diet and exercise plans have failed in the past. You’ll learn about the role addictive susceptibility plays in your personal weight-loss journey, where cravings come from, how to rewire your brain so they disappear, and more. 

Bright Line Eating has been a real game changer for thousands of people. It can release us from the cycle of obesity and introduce a radical plan for sustainable weight loss.  Find out more and download it here!

Strong is the New Beautiful by Lindsey Vonn 

Stop thinking about “losing weight fast” and instead focus on loving your body for what it is and what it can do. This is the core message in Strong is the New Beautiful.  Supported by the latest science and studies on health and exercise, Vonn shares her fitness program, giving advice on what to eat and how to work out while encouraging you to do what works best for you.

Lindsey Vonn has tailored her book for women of all shapes and sizes. She blends her training and diet program with compelling stories of her life growing up in the heartland, her love of skiing, and the challenges she’s faced—including injuries, illness, and depression. Her book will help you increase your self-confidence as you build a better body image.     

Illustrated with dozens of workout shots and photos from her own collection, you’ll enjoy these lessons in strength, fitness, food, and attitude from this small town girl turned Olympic gold medalist.  Strong is the New Beautiful is inspiring, motivating, and a great read!  Download it now!

Intermittent Fasting Guide by Alex Chase 

Chances are you’ve heard about fasting… but it might seem like a mystery.
Alex Chase has provided an easy-to-understand guide to fasting and explains why intermittent fasting is one of the best ways to lose weight.  


Because our bodies were designed to eat like this. From as far back as our earliest ancestors, our bodies had to adapt to fluctuations in food availability, meaning that we could often go for long periods without eating. Now this method has been adopted as a weight loss program and people are enjoying enormous success! 

In the Intermittent Fasting Guide, you’ll find information and advice on things like: What Is Intermittent Fasting? — Which Type of Intermittent Fasting Should You Adopt?  — Should You Watch Your Diet? — Common Mistakes to Avoid — Should I Exercise While Fasting? 

Forget about all the diets that failed, the ones that don’t allow certain foods, and diets that promise you everything and don’t deliver. With the Intermittent Fasting Guide, you have a diet that works and will not only help you lose weight but keep it off, too. Download your copy and start listening now!

The Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried

How are hormones and weight loss connected?

Many of us don’t think about hormones in conjunction to weight loss. 

But Harvard-educated Dr. Sara Gottfried shares what happens when you develop resistance to your seven major metabolic hormones—cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone, leptin, insulin, and estrogen — and how your body adjusts by increasingly raising your hormone levels and ultimately slowing down your metabolism. And a slower metabolism leads to weight gain.

Her solution is to reset the efficiency of your hormones by repairing and growing new hormone receptors.  Based on leading scientific research, The Hormone Reset Diet is her proven weight loss and energy program to reverse hormone resistance in just three weeks.  Her program can help boost your metabolism, increase weight loss, and reverse aging through hormone optimization.  Gottfried gets to the issues of low energy, fatigue, low sex drive, anxiety, and weight gain in an entertaining and persuasive way.  We think you’ll love it and learn from it.  Download it now! 

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