Why John Grisham Makes The Best Seller List.. Again & Again & Again!

He’s been called America’s favorite storyteller… and for good reason!
John Grisham pulls you deep inside his stories with colorful prose and
powerful themes. His novels are packed with suspense and readers devour
the pages. With 33 books to his credit, Grisham has been translated into 42
languages and enjoys a worldwide audience.

Humble beginnings result in an amazing career

As the second of five children, Grisham was born to a construction worker
and a homemaker in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He worked in a wide variety of
jobs including time with a highway asphalt crew, salesclerk in a department store, and a plumbing contractor before finally earning his law degree in 1981 from the University of Mississippi. As a lawyer, he specialized in criminal defense and personal injury litigation for close to a decade. He was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives in 1983, where he served for 6 years.

Experience makes for great storytelling… and success

All these diverse life experiences gave him plenty of material to work with.
His first book, A Time to Kill, took almost three years to write and was
published in June 1989. His second book, The Firm, propelled him to the
New York Times bestseller list, staying there for 47 weeks, and it became
the seventh bestselling novel of 1991. That’s when his streak began, having
one of the top 10 best selling novels of the year for the next two decades!
John Grisham has written many great books including The Pelican Brief, The Client, The Rainmaker, The Summons and many more. Nine of his works have been turned into films.

Enthralling new work!

Grisham fans are now being swept up in Camino Winds. Published in April
2020, the story finds an assortment of mystery and crime authors who have
gathered at a bookstore on a Florida island. Some of them felons
themselves, they discover one of their colleagues has been murdered
during the fury of a massive hurricane—the perfect crime scene. Since
officials are preoccupied with the aftermath of the storm, the authors set
out to solve the mystery themselves. It’s a cat-and-mouse story that you’ll
find hard to put down… the perfect escapist entertainment. And who
doesn’t need a little escapism right now?! (This is a sequel of sorts to Camino Island, also a great story, but you won’t have to read it to be swept up in Camino Winds.)

The other Grisham work you’ll love is The Guardians. Released in October 2019, this became an instant New York Times bestseller! Set in a small Florida town, this is a classic legal thriller, but with a twist. The wrong man is arrested and incarcerated after the murder of a young lawyer. A small nonprofit that takes on innocence cases tries to help exonerate the accused man, but powerful, ruthless people try to stop those efforts. They killed one lawyer twenty-two years ago…and they’ll kill another without a second thought. Tense and thrilling, The Guardians has a strong social justice component, and you’ll find yourself breathlessly turning pages to get to a very satisfying ending. You’ll not be disappointed!

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