It’s Called Healing, People

We don’t know about you, but we love us a redemption arc, which is why we picked this list of listens that’s sure to drag you down and then lift you up higher than when you started. Here we meet characters who make their mistakes and then own them, which …

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Beach Re-tellings

In a call-back to week 2, we figured we’d write this in good faith that you have transformed; so here’s a list of listens that have also transformed as evolved versions of their original novels. All classics in their own right, the originals are definitely worth checking out, but what …

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Patricia Cornwell Spotlight

Crime reporter turned mystery-novel queen, Patricia Cornwell more than deserves a spot on our “featured” list. Cornwell’s novels often feature complex plotlines, intense suspense, and a focus on the psychological aspects of crime. Her writing style is characterized by a fast pace and a meticulous approach to detail. Have a …

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Time for Some True Crime

Sweet sweet summertime always reminds us of ice cream and beaches…and the fact that the ocean is basically a huge graveyard. Too much? No? We knew we liked you. That’s why we’ve curated this list of listens all about our number 1 summer goal- to solve a crime. Each one …

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Suspenseful Women

eyes looking through crack

If spring’s got you feeling restless, then we’ve got some listens guaranteed to entertain and distract you from the ever-present mating calls of those birds who insist on nesting in your trees. Maybe you can’t center yourself by methodically solving a murder or stumbling upon a crime ring, but these …

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Spring into Self-Help

Woman holding Yoga Singing Bowl

For many people, spring is a time to shake off the cobwebs of the past and embrace new opportunities. It’s a chance to start fresh, set new goals, and make positive changes in our lives. The energy of spring is infections (or is that just the fresh air and our …

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April Showers Bring May’s New Releases

An open book in the grass with flowers nearby

In this season of abundance and bloom, we decided it would be fitting to highlight some of our fav newer audiobooks coming down the pipeline – also apparently this spring it’s never going to stop raining, so what better way to pass the time indoors than curling up with a …

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If You Loved “The Last of Us”

If you’ve yet to watch “The Last of Us”, are you even alive right now? Go watch it, so we can have someone to commiserate with.  If you have graced your eyeballs with the wonder that is TLOU and are now going through some dystopian withdrawal, we’ve got the answer …

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Twisty Turn-ey

We at love a good twist, which is why we’ve assembled a list of listens guaranteed to give you that feeling you got after finishing The Sixth Sense. We’re fairly certain M. Night himself would approve of any one of these listens for their ability to make you audibly …

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