New Season New You

*insert obvious metaphor of springtime blossoms mirroring your own aspirations of personal development in this new season of growth* Let’s self-help this mess! Will – Will Smith You’d never know it by his winsome persona (Oscar scuffles notwithstanding) but early in his life Smith struggled with anxiety more than most …

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Philippa Gregory: The Queen of Historical Fiction

We’re not sure about you, but when we think about Tudor England, we conjure visions of huge foreheads, strange dress collars, and a really creepy poem as a means of remembering the order of King Henry VIII’s wives- “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived”. You’re welcome.  Being that it’s so …

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Boss Up Your Life

The days of cold calling on sales leads in a 3 piece suit are over in terms of establishing yourself in the business world. Now, more than ever, people are branching out and deciding what running a business looks like for them. But between advice from “solopreneurs” and the unrelenting …

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Books that Inspired Musicals

Phantom of the Opera – Gaston Leroux Pretty orphan Christine is raised in an opera house in Paris since her father worked there and apparently, there were no child custody laws back in the day. There also wasn’t any adult supervision since from her childhood on she receives singing lessons …

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Spring Break Listens

Shout out to springtime! Every year we trudge through February, our hope as low as our vitamin D stores only to stumble into the remembrance that things begin anew! But then, just as soon as we begin to feel the stirrings of serotonin, we encounter spring break. Visions of clawing …

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Valentine’s Day Listens

Either way this holiday kind of stinks, right? If you’re single it can make you spiral into sadness or want to punch happy couples in a fit of lonely rage. If you have someone special, the pressure is on to celebrate with them, even though we’re all still recovering from …

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Best Selling Authors Under 25

We can picture it now; sitting in the student center watching a new day dawn, as our hands shake fueled by 13 Red Bulls, Twizzlers, and an ever-encroaching deadline. But we did. We really did it. A 13 page thesis on Hamlet, and not a minute too soon. As we …

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Presidents of the United States Write


Friends, countrymen, ‘Mericans, lend me your ears (see what we did there?! Because this is for audiobooks?! Nah, you don’t get it). Anyway. What does one do after they have championed the helm of the free world for a spell? Take a well-deserved break? We know after we run a …

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Achieving Your Goals: Yes, You CAN do it!

Achieving Goals

This past year has been tough, and you might be looking for ways to make some positive changes in your life. Maybe you’ve tried to set new goals before… but you failed. Why is this so difficult? You work hard, but don’t feel you’re getting anywhere.  You feel somewhat adrift …

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