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We think breathing air is a pretty enjoyable activity. See also: drinking water and seasons (especially fall, we’re basic, we make no apologies, PSLs are king). Anyway, turns out a healthy planet is vital to all of the above. Your non-green ways will rob us of artisanal autumnal apple cider tastings over our plaid clad, scarf-encased corpses. Let’s learn how to quit being (literal) trash animals together, so we can freak out over leaf colors for years to come!

All We Can Save

Dip your toe into the ocean (which also needs saving) of environmentalism with this collection of essays and poems by women involved in the fight to save the planet. Considering eco-efforts are inexorably linked to feminism and empowered females, this one feels appropriate and necessary. As is the question: if in saving the earth are we saving our own humanity? Also, it’s hard to panic about lakes of fire when you’re listening about it in poetic verse.

We Are the Weather

If you want to weep at the beauty of the writing instead of the author’s suggestion you give up bacon to save the world, give this one a listen. Here we examine the way we farm/produce meat and the impacts industrialization has had on both farming and the planet. Our diet has consequences that are much bigger than our tastebuds, but don’t expect to hear a lecture. This writing is as straight-up as it is poetic. Oh, Johnathan. You got a lot of nerve showing up here with your beautiful paragraphs on planetary health after what you did to us last time. We’re looking at you Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Climate of Hope

This is what happens when an environmental scientist and a mayor write a book together. Dig in if you want less flowers (literally speaking, of course, the point of all these reads is to get more nature) and more facts. You can tell a New York mayor helped pen this, since this book beats around no bushes, offers practical solutions, and we assume sings the praises of questionable bodega sandwiches. We also assume brainstorming sessions had mandatory bagels with locally sourced schmear. 

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

This one will make you feel better unless you own a big business or are a government official. HACD teaches that the onus is on companies and businesses to invest and develop sustainable infrastructure. Investment in green energy can bridge the gap between economic opportunity and sustainability. Phasing out oil and coal production and transferring those resources and workers to ventures that enhance environmental health is the main way we’re going to see real and lasting improvement. We stan a governmental and economic green glow-up, especially if it means nothing is our fault. 

The Uninhabitable Earth

Maybe like us, you were raised in fear and bathed in guilt nightly. Thus, perhaps you need a shot of fear to spur on personal change. Look no further. We all hear about the devastating impacts of raising the global temperature, but what would actually happen? Besides killer (literally?) tans and surplus vitamin D, we had to wonder. Well, now we don’t and we have regrets. But this isn’t about us. This is about you discovering all the things that will end you and your kids/grandkids and society as we know it if we don’t get a handle on helping the planet right. Now. Enjoy listening to various scenarios which all end in complete environmental breakdown, we’re off to beg the sun not to kill us all. 

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