Close Up Low Angle Shot of Evidence Scattered at Crime Scene. Bloodied Glasses, Bloody Knife and Empty Wallet, all Marked as Clues in a Murder Investigation. Aesthetic True Crime Footage

Time for Some True Crime

Sweet sweet summertime always reminds us of ice cream and beaches…and the fact that the ocean is basically a huge graveyard. Too much? No? We knew we liked you. That’s why we’ve curated this list of listens all about our number 1 summer goal- to solve a crime. Each one is gritty, thrilling, and true, so pop in those headphones, take some notes (from the detectives you freak) and let’s have a “Stand By Me” moment only we solve the murder.

Killers of the Flower Moon – David Grann

From the people who brought you the album “the worst thing our ancestors did was stealing the land of the Native American Population while trying to erase their culture”, we bring you the new hit single “when the land we forced them onto contains oil, then we kill them.” As hard to listen to as it is compelling, “Killers of the Flower Moon” sheds light on the complex web of corruption, greed, and racism that surrounded these murders. It explores the struggles faced by the Osage people as they tried to protect their wealth and seek justice for their murdered relatives.

If You Really Loved Me – Ann Rule

Typically we’re not into mocking people’s names, but in this case, the daughter plots to murder her stepfather, so let’s take a moment to mock Cinnamon Brown for all it’s worth. Known as the gold standard for a true crime author, Ann Rule meticulously investigates the case and provides a detailed account of the events leading up to the crime, the trial, and its aftermath. The book delves into the complex relationships within Cinnamon Brown’s family and explores the motivations and psychological factors that may have influenced her actions.

The Killer of Little Shepherds – Douglas Starr

So, you’ve heard of Jack the Ripper, but did you know France had a Ripper of their own? And said Ripper was a significant player in the development of forensic science as we know it? Well, now ya do. “The Killer of Little Shepherds” explores the investigation and trial of Joseph Vacher (aka said Ripper), as well as the development of forensic science during that era. Starr examines the work of early forensic pioneers, such as Alexandre Lacassagne, who played a crucial role in using forensic techniques to catch Vacher. Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, Starr delves into the historical and cultural context of the case while shedding light on the emerging field of forensic science.

Fatal Vision – Joe McGiniss

Sorry to end on a recent major bummer, but to close out we give you the tale of Jeffrey MacDonald, a former Green Beret and medical doctor who was convicted of the murders of his pregnant wife and two young daughters in 1970. In “Fatal Vision,” Joe McGinniss provides an in-depth examination of the case, including the crime scene, the investigation, and the subsequent trial. The book delves into the details of the crime, the legal proceedings, and the controversies surrounding MacDonald’s guilt or innocence…but you’ll have to decide for yourself if he did it.

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