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Father’s Day is right around the corner, so what better time to hear about the various journeys of what it means to be a dad? Becoming a father, being a father, and reflecting on fatherhood are all worth celebrating this time of year, and these books touch on those diverse experiences and impactful life lessons.

The New Manhood by Stephen Biddulph

Before or after becoming a dad, it is never too early or too late to explore yourself and find ways to become a better human being to improve your relationship with your children. This book by Stephen Biddulph explores every aspect of a man’s life in an honest and uplifting way: love, friendship, sex, marriage, raising children, spirituality, and finding your true work – all in plain language and illuminated with powerful, real-life stories. The New Manhood creates a sense of relatability with the reader, which has led to thousands of men who have shared their stories of reconciliation with their fathers, becoming more involved with their children, and rejuvenating their marriages. 

Being a Dad is Weird by Ben Falcone

Creating human life and raising it to be the most ideal person and contributable member of society? Weird. In Being a Dad is Weird, Ben Falcone addresses the experiences of raising his two daughters in an intimate and humorous tone, coining himself as just an ordinary dad. As he spends his adult life navigating the complicated role of being the only male in a house full of women, he finds himself feeling more and more like his own father. Full of personal anecdotes and featuring the voices of many of his family members, this listen will give you the warm fuzzies, belly laughs, and head-nodding relatable moments of fatherhood. 

Project Fatherhood by Jorja Leap

Jorja Leap documents the lives of the men as they struggle with the pain of their own losses, the chronic pressures of poverty and unemployment, and the overall desire to do better and provide more for future generations. Project Fatherhood starts as a forum-based project but turns into something so much more – a tight-knit community of dads who get to share experiences together. This truthful listen gives insight into what fatherhood is all about in the face of adversity and hardship, as well as successes and wins. 

Rookie Dad by David Jacobsen

This listen is perfect for first-time fathers who may be feeling unsure of what is ahead and need a little extra reassurance. When David Jacobsen found out his wife, Christine was pregnant, he felt life come to a head, having no idea what to think, let alone what he “should” think. Christine had daily heart-to-hearts with her friends, a stack of parenting books by her bed, etc., where Jacobsen felt as though he had lots of questions with no answers. So, he began his own journey to find said answers. Rookie Dad presents difficult questions, shares times of laughter and tears, and overall is a big hug to other first-timers in the journey of fatherhood. 

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