Science Fiction & Fantasy

Whisk Away Into YA Fantasy

One thing we will never grow too old for is a quality Young Adult fiction novel. Whether it puts a twist on a once-loved tale or transports you into an entirely new world of fantasy and adventure, YA has the ability to truly give an escape from the real world. …

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Fantasy Escapes

Is there anything quite like escaping into a world of fantasy? A world where anything is possible, and there are no dishes to be done, laundry to be put away, or grass to be mowed. Just magic, creatures you can only dream of, and adventure around every corner. We think …

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Escape Reality with Science Fiction

Science Fiction

2021 so far hasn’t proved to be much different than 2020, and it has everyone wanting to escape reality. Or hopefully it isn’t just us wanting that. Science fiction books live in an alternate world. Aliens, vampires, werewolves, insane love stories and so much more can live in these worlds. …

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