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British Literature Everyone Should Have Read By Now

Below you’ll find classics that hipsters at micro-breweries know well – classics that while they have merit in the literary world, might have missed a spot on a standard reading list. If you’ve ever dreamed of connecting with an English professor as you drift across moors, (one or both of …

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Philippa Gregory: The Queen of Historical Fiction

We’re not sure about you, but when we think about Tudor England, we conjure visions of huge foreheads, strange dress collars, and a really creepy poem as a means of remembering the order of King Henry VIII’s wives- “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived”. You’re welcome.  Being that it’s so …

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Valentine’s Day Listens

Either way this holiday kind of stinks, right? If you’re single it can make you spiral into sadness or want to punch happy couples in a fit of lonely rage. If you have someone special, the pressure is on to celebrate with them, even though we’re all still recovering from …

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Best Selling Authors Under 25

We can picture it now; sitting in the student center watching a new day dawn, as our hands shake fueled by 13 Red Bulls, Twizzlers, and an ever-encroaching deadline. But we did. We really did it. A 13 page thesis on Hamlet, and not a minute too soon. As we …

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For the Lovers of Theater

Broadway Theater

You’ve heard of books turned into movies, but have you seen the books turned into Broadway shows? Some of the best Broadway musicals (keep reading to see which ones) have pulled their inspiration and story line from books. It’s true, authors are true geniuses.  Hamilton: The Revolution  If you haven’t …

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