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Better Late Than Never- Get a Last-Minute Summer Bod

We know, we know, it’s already July. But the good news is, it’s still technically summer RIGHT? Please let us live in delusion as you listen to any of these books that will surely help you (and us) as we continue to grace the world in a swimsuit.
And let’s be real – weight loss is cool, and feeling unstoppable in that bikini would be sweet, but what each of these listens emphasizes is the importance of getting into shape for our health. Owning a strut moment on the beach is just a fringe benefit…

Glucose Revolution – Jessie Inchauspe

When we hear the word “glucose” most of us automatically think of diabetes and, unless we suffer from the illness, that’s that. But Inchauspe offers that the amount of glucose in one’s blood is actually a general indicator of health, not just when levels become a medical issue. Here you’ll learn tips and tricks to help maintain a steady blood sugar level, and how to eat to nourish yourself, balance your hormones, and shed excess weight effortlessly.

Metabolical – Robert H Lustig

Meet the real enemy of health, longevity, and your hot girl/guy summer: sugar. Dr. Robert H. Lustig is known for his research on the negative effects of sugar, particularly fructose, on health. He has been an outspoken critic of the food industry and its role in promoting unhealthy diets. He asks us to examine the role of the food industry and our own sugar consumption might be contributing to our overall health issues, both individually and societally.

The Longevity Paradox – Steven R. Gundry

Ever wanted to live forever? Say no more. “The Longevity Paradox” provides listeners with practical advice, lifestyle changes, and dietary strategies to support healthy aging and improve overall vitality. Spoiler alert- while most of us assume heart health is the main thing to focus on, Gundry makes a strong case for the importance of a diverse microbiome and the theory that true health actually starts in the gut.

Eat to Beat Disease – William W. Li

We’ve got another listen all about how you can eat your way into a better life (the dream). Dr. Li addresses the importance of personalized nutrition and but also how individual genetic and environmental factors can influence dietary needs. He makes the case that while general guidelines are necessary, individualized plans based on family history and personal environment also reduce the risk of chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, and more.

Deep Nutrition – Catherine Shanahan

Explore how food can help express (or repress) your…genes? Yeah, we wrote that right, and you read that right. This listen delves into the concept of epigenetics, which refers to how gene expression can be influenced by environmental factors, including nutrition. Dr. Shanahan discusses how the foods we eat can impact the expression of our genes, which have a hefty impact on our wellness overall. Who knew?

Thanks for reading! All these audiobooks and more are available now on! We know any one of these will help you get in fighting shape and more importantly, help you lead a healthier happier life overall. And make sure to check out our FlexPass Membership for the ultimate roster of podcasts, savings on audiobooks, and more!

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