Bios & Memoirs

Audiobooks By Musicians

This may come as a shock, but your favorite singer actually has a life and personality outside the recording booth. We get it, we too like to pretend Taylor Swift exists only as an ethereal blonde songbird who lives in the recesses of our collective feelings as she puts them …

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Maid by Stephanie Land

This audiobook is hard to listen to but harder to stop. There’s a reason this one is a bestseller that’s been adapted into a raw and moving Netflix series. Have a listen to Land’s brutal and desperate reflections as she writes about her years struggling to survive as she attempted …

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Greenlights Review

Have you ever tried to wrestle a goat while blindfolded? We haven’t either but we imagine it would be surreal, confusing, fun, and funny. It’s also one of the only ways we can think to describe Matthew McConaughey’s new memoir Greenlights. Where do we even start? From his memories of …

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