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Robert Galbraith Books

Are you ready for this? Love her or hate her, did you know that Robert Galbraith is actually JK Rowling (and a controversial psychiatrist/feudal lord according to Google)? Well, she is, and under this pen name, she has written another series that’s just waiting to pull you in. Here we …

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Author Spotlight: Catherine Ryan Howard

Let’s be honest, Sherlock Holmes was a problematic mansplainer. Fueled by ego (and apparently lots of cocaine, as was fashionable at the time), he was often straight up rude. Using our psych degree obtained through midnight WebMD visits, we’d venture a guess he dabbles with some narcissistic personality disorder, tempered …

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Joe Pickett Series

Finally, books for readers who like mysteries, leather and cold cheap beer. This series follows the adventures of Joe Pickett and his work as a game warden in rural Wyoming. We get a glimpse of a man working a thankless job he loves, while he balances marriage and fatherhood. He’s …

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