Love Nancy Drew Books? Why Readers Should Check Out the Newest Novels

Dive into Thrilling Mystery with These Nancy Drew Books

One of the most beloved YA series of all time is Nancy Drew.

The Nancy Drew books have been loved by girls since the 1930s when the first Nancy Drew novel – The Secret of the Old Clock – was first released.

Though her stories have been around for nearly 90 years, they never seem to get old. In fact, the beloved character is now getting a reboot with a new video game, a television series, and a new series of books.

Here’s what readers need to know about the series, as well as the Nancy Drew books author, Carolyn Keene.

The Origins of Nancy Drew and the Nancy Drew Books’ Author, Carolyn Keene

Readers may be surprised to know that, in a way, Carolyn Keene doesn’t exist. Think about it – how could Carolyn Keene start writing the Nancy Drew books in 1930 and start writing a new series within the last few years.

No, Carolyn Keene hasn’t found the Fountain of Youth. Carolyn Keene is a pseudonym– a pen name for many different writers.

Back in the 30s, Edward Stratemeyer of the Stratemeyer Syndicate decided to start producing mystery novels for young girls. In order to do that, and to do so prolifically, Stratemeyer hired a number of writers to write the books, including the Nancy Drew books.

One of the first writers was Mildred Wirt Benson, who wrote many of the original books in the series and helped develop the character of Nancy Drew. Since then, other men and women have been ghostwriters for this series of books.

What is the Nancy Drew books age level? These books are pretty much appropriate for any age group. In the early books, Nancy is 16 years old. In later books, she’s 18 years of age. Typically, the age range is for ages eight to 14 years. While the books are appropriate for nearly every age, the television show isn’t. It has a TV-14 rating.

Where Should Readers Start – Nancy Drew Books to Start Reading Now

For readers who have been looking for Nancy Drew books for sale lately, once they find them, they might wonder: Do you have to read Nancy Drew books in order?

The answer is: Not necessarily. Some of the books have Nancy’s back story, but the main idea behind each novel is the individual mystery. Most readers won’t be confused if they start anywhere other than with the very first book. However, if a reader wants to start at the very beginning and work their way through each series – that’s great. Have fun!

The New Nancy Drew Diaries Series

The latest of the Nancy Drew books are the Nancy Drew Diaries. The new series follows Nancy, along with her best friends and fellow sleuths Bess and George, on some incredible adventures. Some readers may find the Nancy in the latest series acts a little younger than her older counterpart. For some people, It works – for others, it doesn’t. A great way to find out whether this is tolerable for a reader or not is to listen to the audiobook sample provided on Audiobookstore.

Nancy Drew books have received great ratings, with the average being four out of five stars. So, most readers seem to be enjoying the latest installments of Nancy Drew.

What Readers Should Know About the Nancy Drew Game and Television Show

Nancy Drew has been gaining some traction again in recent years for two reasons: The new video game and a new television series on The CW.

Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem Video Game

Back in the 1950s, a Nancy Drew board game was released. Fans of the series and the game can still buy one on eBay, though they’ll have to fork out around $100 to do so.

A few years ago, a new Nancy Drew game was announced, this time it was in video game format. Fans were thrilled by the idea of a Nancy Drew mystery video game, but they were disappointed as the release date kept getting pushed back.

The new game was finally released on November 19.

Nancy Drew on the CW

Recently, there have been a lot of TV shows – particularly on The CW – that got their start in literature. Riverdale is one, a television show that got its start from the Archie comics.

Now, there’s a new Nancy Drew series on The CW. While the Nancy Drew books are for kids between the ages of eight and 14 years of age, the television series is for an older audience. Parents might not be comfortable having their young children watching a show with at least two love scenes.

The television show has received mixed reviews. Some people hate it because it differs so much from the Nancy Drew books. In fact, Bustle posted an article back in October that showed how there are very few – if any – similarities between the books and the show, except for the name of the title character.

Other reviewers have acknowledged that there are a lot of differences, but as a stand-alone show, Nancy Drew isn’t that bad. In fact, some of them look forward to watching it each week, especially when they can find Easter Eggs.

The Nancy Drew Mysteries – a Great Way for Grandmothers, Mothers, and Daughters to Bond

Should readers get a copy of the Nancy Drew books on PDF? The reality is that it’s just not that fun.

Are the Nancy Drew books really worth the investment? They are! These books are fun and completely entertaining, particularly when they’re enjoyed via audiobook. The stories seem more mysterious and engage the reader more because of the narrator’s awesome skills.

The real value of Nancy Drew books, though, is the fact that they have the power to draw multiple generations of readers together. People of all ages love the books – that’s why they’ve lasted so long.

Everyone in the family is always so busy and distracted by their plans, schedules, and devices. Sitting around in a cozy space, listening to the audiobooks together can help families bond.  

Are you ready to devour the latest Nancy Drew mystery series? Check out our full selection of the Nancy Drew Diaries book series.

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