Valentine’s Day Listens

Either way this holiday kind of stinks, right? If you’re single it can make you spiral into sadness or want to punch happy couples in a fit of lonely rage. If you have someone special, the pressure is on to celebrate with them, even though we’re all still recovering from the gift-giving of the not-so-distant past holiday season. 

While we at think love is mostly rad, we can admit it has its faults, especially when the wrong people get together. So while we’ve included a couple of cute rom-coms on this list (we had to) we’ve also provided a few cautionary tales of love gone wrong. Have a listen solo or with friends or a partner to remind yourself that love exists, and it’s out there, but it could also lead to your untimely demise so maybe you’re better off alone. Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Little Something Different – Sandy Hall

This is your classic “will they or won’t they” premise that is so adorable it makes your stomach hurt, but told in the most unique way. We view the budding love story between two creative writing students from the POV of multiple people in their lives. And we’re not talking about people who take up substantial space in their worlds; even the bus driver is rooting for these 2 to finally just make out already.

This one also features our new favorite romance cheerleaders which we will insist upon in every romance novel going forward- local park squirrels. 

Red White and Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston

This one has it all:

  • Enemies to lovers: check
  • Handsome rugby-playing prince charming: check
  • Fake relationship as a PR move: check
  • An unintended love affair between fictional First Son and a British Prince that will have you grinning with glee for days: Check and Check

Honestly, this one is just heartwarming, hilarious, and everything we never knew we needed in a romance. The turkey scene alone is worth the listen.

Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare

Ah yes, nothing quite like mutual teen suicide to get you in a romantic mood. We know this one seems like an obvious V-day choice, which is the reason we chose it; why? Do you know?

We mean, in case you missed it, they don’t even end up together, they get married in secret after knowing each other for approximately 3 seconds, they’re literal children, and the fact that suicide happens because of gross miscommunication just shows you their marriage was doomed from the start.

Honestly, Bill’s utter lack of chill here rivals that of global warming. Someone had to say it. 

Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

Again this is an “ideal” in terms of romantic classic literature. We guarantee you that if Heathcliffe had been ugly while pulling the moody/vengeful brooding stuff on Catherine, we all would have hated him.

Dude needed therapy to heal feelings of inadequacy stemming from racist generational trauma, but sure, actively plotting for the ruination of your married ex-girlfriend’s life and family seems reasonable. Let’s go with that. Throw in some intense codependence and utter lack of adult supervision during formative years and you’ve got yourself quite a story. Why is Heathcliffe the paragon of the perfect book boyfriend? Emily Bronte, you ruined our lives.

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