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You’ve heard of books turned into movies, but have you seen the books turned into Broadway shows? Some of the best Broadway musicals (keep reading to see which ones) have pulled their inspiration and story line from books. It’s true, authors are true geniuses. 

Hamilton: The Revolution 

Hamilton: The Revolution

If you haven’t signed up for a Disney+ subscription and then watched this musical 10 times in a week, then we are not sure where you were the last few months. This musical has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. But the story line came from this classic book by Ron Chernow. This is a true biography of Alexander Hamilton who overcame all sorts of adversity when he came to newborn America. He was an adventurous man who kept all of those around him. Listen to it here (& then go binge the musical)

Les Miserables

Another one of the most beloved stage musicals of all time was inspired first by this book. The story follows the haunted man and all of the injustices that torment him. Jean Valijean is freed from prison and promptly goes on to cause more trouble. He uses money he stole to reinvent himself as mayor and factory owner. The story follows his often constant trials and tribulations. Listen to it here! 


This pops us right back to our childhood. Didn’t every child try to control doors and cereal boxes like Matilda did!? Ronald Dahl wrote such an incredible story that it has been turned into a movie and broadway musical. Matilda is a gifted girl who was born into the wrong family as her father is a crude criminal that pays little attention to Matilda. Matilda spends majority of her time reading books and soon learns that her mind can do more than just store knowledge but truly control things around her. Seriously, it’s amazing. Listen to it here. 

Tuck Everlasting 

Haven’t we all dreamt of living forever? What a cool life it would be to be immortal and never die. That is the exact story of Tuck Everlasting. Winnie Foster has discovered a spring on her family’s property. She took a drink of the water and quickly discovered that she now is immortal. She isn’t getting older and life is still passing by. But what will she do with the information? Better listen to it to find out. 

Little Women

One of the most beloved stories of all time. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are the Little Women that we watch grow up in New England during the Civil War. They teach us the hard lesson of growing up in poverty. We see their dreams, plays, pranks, letters and more. With four different little women to follow, we can all connect in some way. That made this the perfect story to move to the theater. Check it out here.

Other Broadway Titles You Will Love:

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time – Mark Haddon

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  – Ronald Dahl

Carrie – Stephen King

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – L. Frank Baum

The Phantom of the Opera – Gastron Leroux

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