Road Tripping

Something about spring-like weather can make you yearn to get in the car and cruise. There you are, hitting mile 213, and like your gas tank, your 90s throwback jams playlist is running on empty. What to do? Have you ever tried to car dance to NPR? Don’t. Free yourself from playing “I spy” for the thousandth time (it’s grass, ok Jimmy? We’re driving through the American prairie, everything you know and love is grass now). Why not listen to something the whole family can enjoy, instead of allowing your girlfriend’s murder podcast to drive you to murder yourself?

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer- Mark Twain

How about you get a head start on the kid’s summer reading list while you explore your sexual awakening from the Disney movie; moment of silence for JTT and the kid who played Huck. Seen as foundational to American literature, this classic story has elements of satire and social commentary on SNL levels. Also, for being centered around lighthearted scamps, they sure do stumble on murder plots a lot. A romanticized telling of rural childhood, specifically boyhood, Tom is equal parts rambunctious and endearing, much like our last Tinder date. Fingers crossed. 

The Gentlemen Bastard Series- Scott Lynch

Ok so if adventure is more your game, this is a contender. Think Robin Hood, but almost Italian. This series features everyone’s favorite character to root for, a spunky orphan with a heart of gold. You’ve got duels, brotherhood, secret brotherhood, cons, schemes, everything. You will drive 30 minutes out of the way to find out what happens. There are three books in the series, so this is perfect if you’re attempting to drive your kid home from a college that’s 5 states away, without succumbing to temptation and flinging yourself from the moving vehicle by hour 2. 

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings- Maya Angelou

Maybe you’re on a personal journey as well as a literal road trip? Look no further than this masterpiece in self- reflection. This autobiography penned by Maya Angelou will guide you on a literal trip of self-discovery, as you see yourself mirrored in her struggles and triumphs. A scathing look at the influence of racism in Jim Crow Alabama, this book is also a testament to the human spirit. This work examines how early abandonment can shape our choices, but ultimately proves we are more than what has happened to us. Also, Angelou writes about being the first black cable car conductor in San Francisco, and we love that for her. 

Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen

Hey, so how’s that summer reading list going? We thought so. How about you knock out another classic beloved by 10th grade English teachers? This is the OG enemies-to-lovers trope, with a plucky charming heroine, who is equal parts sass and wit. Lizzie is true goals; she knows herself, what she wants in life, and suffers no fools (we’re looking at you Collins, and Darcy for the first half of the book). ‘Scuse us while we go order all things empire waist, and update our salary requirements to “5 and 20 thousand a year” ( 25,000 what? Pounds? Ribbons? Feminism points? Unclear). 

Bird Box- Josh Malerman

Maybe you’re driving at night and feeling spooky? Enter, Bird Box, a thrill a minute novel which provides end of the world/apocalypse vibes to let you disassociate while you pretend to drive you and yours to the last vestiges of civilization. Your trip will finish in half the time, since nothing motivates you powering through a tired spell like the threat of unseen invaders driving people to violence and mass suicide. Pair with a Red Bull for maximum effect/ heart palpitations. Happy trails!

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