Orson Scott Card is The King of Sci-Fi

Not sure if you saw, but we recently got the opportunity to throw some thoughtful questions to the Viscount of Fantasy (yeah, we titled him, so what?) himself, Mr. Orson Scott Card. It was, in a word, transfixing to read his responses, and we hope you enjoyed learning more about not only this prolific author’s process but also more about him in general. 

Because we’re sad to let this moment go, we decided to feature a few of his works available on AudiobookSTORE.com, and we hope you’re as excited about them as we are. Sorry, we have to go now and see about defeating rebel aliens before they take over China…if you know you know.


Teenager Laz has it all. By that we mean he has the ability to sidestep the laws of time and reality. Lucky. He can step into various alternate versions of himself that exist in alternate realities, and in doing so, get some do-overs we would have paid good money for during painful bouts of existing as an adolescent. Things are going swimmingly for him until one day he wakes up in a world that is NOT it. Also, he’s a clone? Alone? Mostly? What, and who is real, why are so many other clones dead, and who the heck woke him up? 

A commentary on the age-old debate of the ends justifying the means, and whether or not the good of one supersedes the good of many, check out this book as it’s newly released into AudiobookSTORE!

Ender’s Game

Picture it with us. Space. Somewhere. Sometimes. Humans were able to just eek out a victory over the Formics, insect-like aliens unaffectionately known as “Buggers” by residents of Earth. (Maybe they wouldn’t have started a war if we hadn’t been so RUDE but I guess we’ll never know). 

Because the win was so narrow there is an ever-present fear of the Formics reorganizing and avenging their loss. So naturally, the intergalactic government’s response is to form the International Fleet, which trains up some gifted kids to become ideal and efficient soldiers. We follow one such soldier, in particular, Andrew Ender Wiggins, as well as his brother Peter, a sociopath who’s killing animals when he’s not lusting after political power, and a sister who is just kind of there. 

A fascinating commentary on the lengths we’ll go to feel safe, give this one a listen if children, genocide, and the question of ends justifying means appeal to you. 

Earth Afire

We do so love a good origin story, and this one does not disappoint. If you read the above blurb and thought, “ok but you kind of glossed over the whole ‘war’ thing”, we agree. And so did Orson because he wrote this prequel to cover just what went down. Set 100 years before Ender’s Game, this tells the tale of Victor and his path to a narrow victory, as well as China’s perilous journey from target to a worthy opponent. 

A new look at one of Sci-Fi’s most beloved stories, this one is not to be missed if you value world-building in Fantasy Series, and want to watch the societal construction from Ender’s Game unfold. 


One morning, teenage Ryan wakes up to his dad converting their home into a Duplex; Casual. They get some new neighbors since, again, his dad felt like reconstructing his home. Maybe he’s a long-lost Property Brother. Their new tenants include a mother and her daughter, Bizzy, who is cute and Ryan is into it.

He’s into it even after Bizzy confesses that her mom is a witch who can either make people clumsy or pretty. This seems like a very specific/narrow range of abilities but ok. Twist though: Ryan has micro powers! Everyone has powers! And there’s a witch hunter running around who hates people having powers! Come listen to this charming tale with a side of first love, and remember you probably haven’t met that special someone because you’re not renting out part of your home. 

Lost and Found

Ezekial Blast doesn’t want to be a thief! Doesn’t that count for something!? So why is he so good at finding things?! (Our money is on micropowers).

It’s almost as if things find him; specifically lost things. That are not his. But when this powerful kid with a heart of gold goes to return said stuff, he’s constantly accused of thievery. Until one day he has a chance to prove to all the others (and himself) he’s blessed and not cursed (or a dirty thief) when he’s met with a chance to find not something but someone that’s lost.

Thanks for reading! All these audiobooks and more by Orson Scott Card are available now on AudiobookSTORE.com! And make sure to check out our FlexPass Membership for the ultimate roster of podcasts, savings on audiobooks, and more!

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