The Best Book Series Today

What is better than one book? A whole series of them of course! There are endless options in every genre for you to dive into a new series. Here you can see which series are consistently hitting the bestseller list with every addition. 

The Dresden Files 

It wouldn’t be the best book series of today without the Dresden Files. This book series has been breaking the charts since it was released in 2000. There are 17 books in the series and a handful of short series that coincide with the series. In total Jim Butcher is planning to include 24 books in this series. If you like science fiction, mystery and thriller novels, Butcher has combined all of these genres to create the life and adventure of Harry Dresden. Harry Dresden is a Wizard P.I. in Chicago. He lives between the wizarding world and human world helping solve crime and mystery involving magic, vampires, demons, werewolves and other monsters. If you can imagine it, Jim Butcher has created it. Check out the Dresden Files here. 

The Jack Reacher Series 

Consisting of 25 books total and 15 short stories The Jack Reacher series has no detail left behind. Jim grant under the pen name Lee Child began Jack Reacher’s story in 1997. Reacher is a former major in the United States Army Military Police Corps. He is roaming the United States taking odd jobs and working in suspicious and dangerous situations. The series is best described as a crime thriller. Lee Child keeps you on the edge of your seat in every read. Check it out here. 

Jake Brigance Series 

Known for his legal thrillers and crime fiction John Grisham has made the bestseller list with 28 of his books. His Jake Brigance series is no different. With 3 books in the series so far Jake Brigance has been called riveting and suspenseful. Jake Brigance is a defense attorney in small town Mississippi and in each book he fights a new case. From racism and trials involving the death penalty, these books keep you reading. Listen to this series here. 

The Stephanie Plum Novels 

Janet Evanovich has 27 books in her Stephanie Plum series for you to enjoy. Stephanie Plum is a fictional character that is the female bounty hunter version of Nancy Drew. Stephanie Plum wasn’t always a bounty hunter. This job switch came after she lost her job and slowly had to sell all of her belongings to pay her bills. Frankly, she was desperate and would do anything when this job popped up. Each novel then follows her journey and the adventures that come with being a female bounty hunter. You can listen for hours on end when it comes to The Stephanie Plum series. Check it out today. 

The Cedar Cove Series 

Debbie Macomber is famous for her romance novels that go deeper than just a love story. In her Cedar Cove series she takes readers to her hometown to learn about her family, friends and neighbors. You learn their love stories and their secrets. There are 14 books total. A couple of them even are Christmas themed making them the perfect read for this season. The first book in this series has been turned into a Hallmark TV show, called (you guessed it) Cedar Cove. Before you jump into watching the TV show based on these books, listen to the books here. 

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