The Dresden Files

The Best Selling Series: The Dresden Files

Jim Butcher started out as an author with his Dresden Files book series. It was his first series ever written, and it’s by far a fan favorite. Falling into the genre of contemporary fantasy & mystery, there are constant twists and turns to keep every reader on the edge of their seat. The first Dresden Files book, Storm Front, was released in April 2000. The latest book, Battle Ground, released in September 2020. There are currently 17 books in this series, but it’s set to have a total 24 books. 

Butcher released Storm Front in April 2000, and quickly released books two and three in 2001. From there new additions were released annually. Until 2014 when Butcher took a six year break from the series. Readers were ecstatic in 2020 when Peace Talks was released. 

The Dresden files follows the life and adventures of Harry Dresden, the first (and only) Wizard P.I. in Chicago. Magic, vampires, demons, werewolves and other monsters are alive and drive this story forward. Supernatural is still very secretive, members of this society are practicing. Large portions of the world outside of Chicago are also practicing and controlled by supernatural factions. Each species in this series (human, vampires, werewolves and more) has its very own politics and society. Harry Dresden steps in as the world’s only consulting wizard. He accepts supernatural cases from humans AND nonhumans. As the series progresses, Dresden takes an increasingly important role in the supernatural world. He faces off against a variety of creatures and cases. As time goes on he begins to believe that all of these cases may just be tied together behind the scenes raising the pressure on each and every one. 

Along with 17 novels, Butcher has released a handful of short stories to go along with the series. These stories aren’t necessary to follow the plot line, but they add to the story in new ways. The short stories are titled Side Jobs to fit the narrative. 

Whether you are new to the Dresden Files, a returning fan or a life long addict, Jim Butcher does not disappoint. 

The Dresden Files Books in Order: 

  1. Storm Front 
  2. Fool Moon 
  3. Grave Peril 
  4. Summer Knight 
  5. Death Masks 
  6. Blood Rites 
  7. Dead Beat 
  8. Proven Guilty 
  9. White Night 
  10. Small Favor 
  11. Turn Coat 
  12. Changes 
  13. Ghost Story 
  14. Cold Days 
  15. Skin Game 
  16. Peace Talks 
  17. Battle Ground

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