Spring Into Feel Good Reads

You guys, we made it! Bees are buzzing, fawns are prancing around with their aggressive cuteness, and we no longer rue our existence in this cold frost covered world, or the constant cold corpse feet it forces upon us. The sun shines brightly and that means it’s time to walk you and your critically low vitamin D levels outside! While you turn your ghostly face up toward the light of day, may we suggest the following books in order to simultaneously feed your soul along with your long-term bone health?

Me Before You

Ok, so on the surface this one seems like a bummer but hear us out. Louisa is down on her luck until she gets a job as a caretaker for a dude named Will, who is confined to a wheelchair following an accident. Surprise though, it doesn’t take her long to discover Will hates his life post accident and she’s basically there to make sure he doesn’t complete suicide. Stay with us! Louisa is a lost soul and it’s only through her unconventional friendship with Will that she discovers how to be brave enough to find her place in this world. Trust that you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll do that really confusing cry-laugh combo. Fist pumping at the end is optional.

A Man Called Ove

Ok, again, the premise of this one seems like a downer at first, but we really do know what we’re talking about. Ove is old, alone, and over it. He’s over his neighbors, old and new, and frankly over life. Basically, this is a comedy of errors but with his own constantly thwarted suicide attempts. (We know, we have a theme. A very dark theme in what is supposed to be an uplifting blog). BUT what starts out seeming a very dark tale of cantankerous elderly loneliness actually turns into a book about the redemptive power of friendship and community…and cats. The cats really save it for us on a personal level. 

The Rosie Project

Have you ever wanted a mathematical, logical way to date? After spending months in a tear and Tinder soaked hell, a little certainty in the dating world would be swell. (We’re fine, it’s fine, crying the first 10 minutes of the date is a red flag right?) Don Tillman thinks so too, and that’s why he develops a math formula to find himself the perfect lady friend. As in every romantic comedy ever, he doesn’t get what he’s looking for…or does he?! Hilarity ensues, as does a heartwarming friendship/romance with the last woman he’d have thought to seek out. Think, manic pixie dream girl but likeable. The whole affair ends with a twist based on genetics of all things, and it’s one you’ll never “see” coming. (“See” what we did there? No? Guess you should get to listening then).

The Little Paris Bookshop

Edible, flavorfully pleasing fruitcake? Consistent temperature comfort in the car during the month of March? A feel-good story penned by a German? Surely none of these things are possible. Everyone knows Germans are about as frivolous as a recently made widow, and yet, this book is a tale of such charming whimsy we’d felt sure it was penned by a Canadian or tree dwelling elf. Nay, the author is indeed from Germany. She pens the tale of Mr. Perdu a kindly old man who fixes people with book recommendations, depending on their issues. He solves all manner of ills through the power of literary suggestions, yet he is unable to cure himself from his own heartbreak. No fair! In a quest to finally put his melancholy to bed, he goes on an adventure with a few quirky companions with nothing but a boat and a mysterious forlorn letter that’s never been read. To friendship, to making peace with your life, to never opening mail!

Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness

If you’ve ever wondered why mediating for 5 minutes makes you want to microwave yourself to never have to do it again, fear not. You might not be the monster new age influencers want you to think you are. Have a listen to this self- help extravaganza if you’ve ever wanted encouragement to jump off the “healing vibration” train and lean in to love of sunrises and baby animals. The author posits that nature is the ultimate medicine because we are a part of it. We enjoy ordinary things because they are natural and so are we. Joy found in simple things is soul meth only it’s good for us instead of teeth and skin rotting garbage. So put down the over priced crystals, go outside, gain some joy DO NOT DO REAL DRUGS.

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