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Member when we rang in 2021 full of hope? We do. We were so ready to lock up the dumpster fire of 2020, and we sprang headfirst into the magic of 2021. A new year, with new hope, we were sure of it. We bought a kettle bell and attempted to learn how to wield it. We found recipes for green juice and let the greens wilt along with our promises and potential. Turns out the year changing isn’t a cure all. There might still be terrible things happening in the world (hey COVID, anytime you want to leave is great). But just because we can’t control the troubles of the world, doesn’t mean we can’t try and make sure we personally are in a good place, mentally, physically, etc. If you’ve fallen off the resolution wagon, there’s still plenty of time to get back on. We’re only 3 months in, get yourself in the right headspace to handle Taylor Swift’s eminent 100th album. We know it’s coming.  

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

What you own ends up owning you. Our mom used to say that, and while we suspect it was a futile attempt to stop toy aisle meltdowns, it’s pretty sage advice now that we’re older. If you’ve ever felt like you clean your home only to have a cluttered mess moments later, give this book a listen. Marie Kondo encourages simplification with compassion and insight and will help you to get a streamlined truly tidy living space in no time. 

The Little Book of Big Lies

Some might argue running a marathon is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. We wouldn’t know, as we never have and never will. We value our joints. While physical exertion is taxing, we’d argue self-examination is harder. Have you ever stopped to consider the horror show that is life? Danger, literal and figurative lurks around every corner. How do we leave the house? No really, it’s been weeks and we’re out of food. Enter The Little Book of Big Lies. Tina Lifford would agree with us, and that’s why she wrote a book about the challenges and ultimate benefits that come with making sure you’re working out your internal emotional strength as much as your glutes. A must listen if you want to prosper in life, or at least have the mental fortitude to grocery shop without fear.  

The 4 Hour Work Week

Live like a king without ruling a country? Make your salary by doing half the work? Take month long vacays without rescinding your source of income? Witchcraft! Sorcery! Bamboozlement!  This can’t be true? Oh but it can. Have a listen if you’ve ever wanted to enjoy life before you hit 65. Timothy Feriss offers real life strategies, case studies, and even email templates to help you get the most out of life without jeopardizing your job. Frankly with the state of the polar ice caps today global warming is going to come for us sooner rather than later, better find out how to enjoy dry land while we still have it. 

100 Days to be Brave

Listen, self-improvement can be daunting. We should know, we called it quits a week into January and ate an entire pan of brownies. The point is, fear of failure can stop you before you start, and we should never be left alone with platters of desserts. Annie F. Downs is here to save us all and remind us that we are brave! We are strong! We are going to cut out sugar! Ok, maybe not that last one, but with the help of this 100-day devotional, we can all discover the potential that lies in all of us. Full of affirmations and promises of God’s unyielding power to influence our lives, this is a listen for anyone struggling to tap into the resilience that lies within. We’re so inspired already, we went ahead and bought carrots and low-fat yogurt. We’re on our way!

You are a Badass

Are you paralyzed by inaction due to constant worry about what other people think? No more! This book will inspire and help mobilize you to embrace a new lease on life. Hate your job? Quit. Your family doesn’t respect your personal boundaries? Flee. Significant other holding you back? Drive them out to a forest, leave them for dead. Start a new life in Bora Bora, selling palm leaf baskets. Take a lover, but only if they’re younger. Oh, you’re not interested in any of this? Fine, but the point is that with the help of this book, you could be. You could do this. You could do anything. Say it with me, Bora Bora!

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