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Listen, we’re not here to rain on anyone’s cinematic parade. We get it. We like to marathon “Harry Potter” like blanket shrouded shut-ins as much as the next person. But we will say, 9 times out of 10, movies fall short of their literary counterparts (Harry P included).

An audiobook especially, gives you a unique opportunity to be transported into the world the author has created, while still being auditorily immersed in the storytelling. 

Have a listen to any of these audiobooks today, so that at your next night out you can say things like, “The film was actually reductive when compared with the author’s vision in the actual text.” *sips drink in haughty smirk*

Dune – Frank Herbert

Ah. Dune. Just a little ole novel/film, perhaps you’ve heard of it? This one has mucho buzz surrounding it, and for good reason. Get your sci-fi on, epic style. This listening experience will transport you to another world, one far into the future, where humans have explored and colonized other galaxies. 

It tells the tale of royalty as they embark on odysseys and quests to other planets. Really, you’ve got it all; mystical witches, revenge plots, destiny, fate, throne usurpation, throne ascension, fiefdoms, exotic spices. Did we miss anything?

Just Mercy – Bryan Stevenson

Fair warning, this one can get tough, but it has one hell of a redemption arc. This is a listen about vindication and forgiveness. Listen to the plight of a wrongful accusation that plagues marginalized communities, and celebrate the work being done to rectify a broken system. 

The book focuses mainly on the story of Walter McMillian, a man who was framed for the murder of Ronda Morrison and wrongfully convicted to death, despite a botched investigation and evidence to the contrary. Follow along his perilous journey through the prison system to his eventual release, and the challenges that come with reintegration. It’s heavy subject matter but it makes for a compelling listen, and in a more uplifting twist, Walter became #besties with the lawyer who helped free him. We love love.

Fear Street Series – R. L. Stine

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If you’re not quite ready to bid adieu to spooky season, the “Fear Street” series (we’re deeply sorry for what’s about to happen) is right up your alley. Penned by masterful horror genius R.L. Stine, these stories bring some more intense scares when compared to their Goosebump cousins, so we suggest listening with your pre-teens at the youngest. 

Listen along as your Shadyside-dwelling crew outmaneuvers slashers while you remind your teen they’re lucky they only have to worry about Algebra vs the burden of undoing Puritanical blood curses. 

You – Caroline Kepnes

If you love you some anti-heroes, this is the Audiobook for you. We present Joe Goldberg, the most narcissistic, immature, man-child you will (somehow) always root for. Listen to Joe’s disturbing inner monologue as he woos young and beautiful Beck, stalking, kidnapping, and murdering as he goes. It drives home how evil rarely presents its real and ugly face to the world, and deflates the idea of the “nice guy” who thinks he’s owed something, just because he’s a decent human. 

It also reminds you not to trust anyone ever; they’re all out here wilding, scheming, and generally trying to kill you. 

Listen to all these and many more audiobooks before you binge their respective movie or show; which one did you like better? Let us know in the comments!

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