Best Audiobooks for the Holiday Season

Merry Christmas! While a magical time for many, the Christmas season can also bring its share of stress. Between the decorations, hosting, baking, gift-buying and wrapping, it can seem festively daunting. No matter where you fall on the Christmas Spirit spectrum, we’ve come up with a list of listens to help you escape your drunk/opinionated uncle without committing ho-ho-homicide.

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All American Christmas – Rachel Campos-Duffy &

Sean Duffy

Give this one a listen if you need a little reminder that Christmas is more than just your Nana asking if you plan on getting married before she dies. Discover the origins of some of our nation’s most treasured holiday traditions, as you explore Christmastime across the country.

This charming series of Yuletide tales is a peek into the holiday hustle and bustle of your favorite Fox News Fam. Full of sparkle, family, and the Spirit of Christmas, it’s a listen that’s sure to warm even Scrooge’s cold, pre-ghost heart.

A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

Speaking of Scrooge, we’d be fa-la-la-la-failing if we didn’t mention this classic. This one is perfect for a listen while baking Christmas cookies/ reminding your ungrateful kids that greed will be met with ghostly hauntings and abject loneliness. Follow along as Scrooge learns the true meaning of life, amidst the backdrop of this most magical of seasons. 

This one is a great reminder of what truly counts this time of year, and we don’t know of anyone out there who fails to be charmed by Scrooge’s slow stumble to redemption. Also Tiny Tim makes us weep.

A Wallflower Christmas – Lisa Kleypas

Maybe a festive romance listen is all you want for Christmas? If so, give this one a try. Kleypas immerses us once again into the dazzling world of old-timey London, ball-gowns, and billiard room shenanigans, but this time with Christmas!

We meet the Wallflowers again too, which is fun. Now all happily married, they’re bored and loath to give up the matchmaking game. No, it’s up to them to make sure dashing but brash American (gasp!) Rafe Bowman wins the hand of the prim and proper Natalie. At first, the pair like each other as much as Santa likes celery sticks, but with 4 conniving women and some Christmas magic, the two soon have heat that rivals a scorching cup of cocoa. Can you say “Christmas Engagement”?!

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross – James Patterson

If you’re in the mood for some high-octane holiday listening, this one’s for you. There’s nothing like the main character thwarting a terrorist plot to put your own Yuletide situation into perspective. Sure, your mom has asked 57 times why you don’t have kids, but at least you’re not in charge of hostage negotiations on Christmas Eve (or, in a sense, maybe you are).

Anyway, we meet Alex Cross on his way home from the purest mission we’ve ever heard of; he had to nab the thief stealing from the church’s poor box. Ruin us, Alex. *Cue “Christmas Shoes” by Bob Carlise.*

Upon his return home, Alex’s icing is barely dry on his gingerbread cookies, when he gets a call about a hostage situation going off the rails. He’s the only one who can get it back on track, and so he begrudgingly agrees to assist.

As he fights to save another family on this most special of nights, the only thing he truly wants is to make it back to his own.

And nothing says Merry Christmas quite like talking down your arch-nemesis while an innocent family looks on in horror. Happy Holidays everyone!

Did you give any of these Christmas-themed stories a listen? Which ones, let us know in the comments! And tell us some of your favorite holiday traditions!

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