Powerful Books that Can Change Your Life

As you may know, books can be incredibly powerful. The right book can change your thinking, put you on a new path towards fulfillment, teach and motivate you.  If you’re looking for a title that leaves you feeling inspired and ready to take positive new direction, we’ve got some great suggestions.  Just in time for winter reading, we’ve assembled just a few of the very popular titles out there that have been met with strong enthusiasm and rave reviews!  

Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance

This is a deeply moving memoir by JD Vance, (a New York Times Bestseller and a recently released major motion picture) full of humor and vividly colorful figures.  Hillbilly Elegy is a passionate and personal analysis of a culture in crisis—that of white working-class Americans.  Vance shares the story of his upbringing in Appalachian Kentucky, escaping a chaotic upbringing and eventually graduating from Yale Law School.  It’s a true story of what social, regional, and class decline feels like when you were born into it.   His remarkable triumph over almost insurmountable odds is a story worth hearing… download Hillbilly Elegy here!

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

In her #1 international best seller, Sheryl Sandberg reignites the conversation about women in the workplace. After her widely acclaimed Ted Talk in 2010, Sandberg wrote her book to continue the discussion, combining personal anecdotes, hard data, and compelling research to change the conversation from what women can’t do to what they can. Sandberg provides practical advice on negotiation techniques, mentorship, and building a satisfying career. Written with humor and wisdom, Lean In is an inspiring call to action that will empower women around the world to achieve their full potential.  Start listening to Lean In here!

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Named by Forbes as one of the “Five Books That Will Actually Change Your Outlook on Life”, The Gifts of Imperfection is really a motivational and inspiring guide to wholehearted living.  More than the average self-help book, this groundbreaking work by Brené Brown, Ph.D., bolsters the self-esteem and personal development process through her characteristic heartfelt, honest storytelling. Now more than ever, we all need to cultivate feelings of self-worth as well as acceptance and love for ourselves. Brown explains that a new way forward means we can’t hold on to our own self-defeating thoughts or the displaced pain in our world.  Instead, we can embrace the imperfection!  Find the courage to overcome paralyzing fear and self-consciousness and strengthen your connection to the world. Start listening here!

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

It’s been called “one of the outstanding contributions to psychological thought” and “one of the great books of our time”.  Man’s Search for Meaning is about finding purpose and strength in times of great despair.  In this international best-seller, Frankl provides a riveting account of his time in Nazi concentration camps.  His insightful exploration of the human will to find meaning in spite of the worst adversity has offered solace and guidance to generations of readers since it was first published in 1946.  This inspiring work is more important than ever for new generations facing new challenges in an ever more complex and uncertain world.  We think it will inspire us all to find significance in the very act of living, in spite of the all the obstacles.  Delve into this moving title here!

The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck

This incredible book has made history as it’s been on the New York Times bestseller list for more than 10 years… and for good reason.  Written in a voice that is timeless in its message of understanding, The Road Less Traveled helps us explore the very nature of loving relationships and leads us toward a new serenity and fullness of life. It helps us learn how to distinguish dependency from love, how to become a more sensitive parent and ultimately how to become one’s own true self.  Dr. Peck says: “Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.”  Enjoy this thought-provoking book that can help you take control of your life.  Start listening now! 

Tough Love by Susan Rice

A hard-hitting, candid memoir by Susan Rice, a mother, wife, scholar, diplomat, and fierce champion of American interests and values, she powerfully connects the personal and the professional. In Tough Love, Rice tells of the family struggles that shaped her early life and examines the ancestral legacies that influenced her – immigrants on one side and descendants of slaves on the other. Rice served as National Security Advisor to the Obama administration.  She provides an inside account of some of the most complex issues the United States has faced over three decades, including “Black Hawk Down” in Somalia, the genocide in Rwanda, conflicts in Libya and Syria, the Ebola epidemic, and much more. Told in a blunt, sometimes humorous way, Susan Rice shares the wisdom she learned through her experiences and emerges as a strong, resilient, and compassionate leader.  You’ll love Tough Love…download it here! 

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