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How to Learn a New Language: Your Complete Guide on Which Audiobooks Will Help You

Many people find trying to learn a language as an adult extremely frustrating.

Why is it that adults have such a hard time learning a new language, while kids seem to pick new languages up effortlessly?

Science has proven that it isn’t in someone’s mind – they really do have a harder time learning a language as they get older.

Thankfully, anyone who has wanted to learn Spanish or some other language can with the advent of technology, including language learning apps, the best language learning software, and yes – even audiobooks.

Why Is It So Hard for Adults to Learn a New Language?

Is it harder for adults to learn a new language? Absolutely.

Let’s look at the stats.

A researcher created a grammar test on Facebook. When he and his team reviewed the data, they found that language learning skills are strongest during childhood. The brain can still somewhat easily grasp a new language during the teen years as well. However, once a person hits adulthood, that ability starts to decline.

Does this mean it’s impossible for adults to learn a language? No – it just takes extra time, practice, and patience.

Neuroplasticity may not be as adept as when a person is in grammar school, but in most people, it’s fully functional even into their senior years. What does that mean? It means that nearly any adult brain can grasp a language if they put in consistent effort.

How to Learn a New Language by Yourself – Why a Class Isn’t Necessary

Another question many people have about learning a new language is if they need to attend a language class. The answer: not unless that’s an environment that suits a person’s learning style.

In many cases, people can learn a language on their own with the use of helpful tools. Thank you, technology!

There are three ways people can learn a language in the comfort of their own home:

  • Audiobooks
  • Language learning software
  • Language learning apps

Can Audiobooks Help Someone Learn a New Language?

For those who learn best by listening, audiobooks are the answer to learning a new language. Audiobook Store has a variety of language learning audiobooks that can help readers/listeners learn any number of languages. Just look at the variety:

All these tools provide listeners with the ability to start learning how to read, write, and understand another language. Listeners will even get a preview into the culture and cuisine of those who speak their desired language. Audiobooks are ideal for beginners and those who are short on time but need to brush up on some of their foreign language skills.

What Is the Best Language Learning Software?

Language learning software is another great way to study a language because it gives people a chance to learn a language in-depth.

Rosetta Stone is one of the best language learning software products on the market. The company has a great reputation and has been used by people in important international jobs, including government officials.

People who invest in the Rosetta Stone system get access to interactive activities and lessons, which help people learn a language more quickly. There’s also speech recognition software included, so students can find out if their pronunciation is correct or not.

Are Language Learning Apps Worth Trying?

Language learning apps are yet another effective tool that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Those who are constantly on the go will love apps like Babbel and the Duolingo app.

Babbel provides language students with the latest technology, like speech recognition, as well as a social component. Those who sign up will be able to communicate with other students so they can practice their language learning skills on one another.

The Duolingo app makes learning a new language really fun, with interactive and race against the clock games. Like Babbel, Duolingo languages are numerous and include:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • And more

The great thing about these apps is that the time commitment required is minimal.

Language Immersion – Learn a New Language Without Leaving Home

Once someone has found the language tool of their choice, the next step is to practice.

However, it’s not enough to simply practice at home by oneself. Not only can that get dull and discouraging, but it also slows the learning process.

The best course of action is for the student to immerse themselves in the language. Some people do this by visiting the country where their new language is spoken. In many cases, this works great. It forces the student to use what they’ve learned so that they can remember it and recall it more quickly.

What if the student can’t take a language immersion trip? The next best thing is to invest in Skype’s Language Exchange, where language students can set up times to chat with native speakers regularly to practice the language. It’s a fun experience, plus it’s cheaper than traveling to another country.

Learning New Things Is the Best Way to Keep the Human Brain Healthy and Young   

When a person reaches a certain age, they start to worry about their cognitive function. They want to keep their brain young and healthy and they’re willing to do almost anything to avoid diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Thankfully, there are ways people can protect their brain. Studies are showing that eating a healthy diet and engaging in daily exercise both help keep the brain active. Another way to keep the brain in good working order is to be a forever learner.

Learning a language, how to play a new instrument, or nearly any new skill will keep the brain younger for longer. So, anyone who has been toying with the idea of studying something new, like art, coding, knitting, or any number of new skills should jump in and have some fun.

Do you enjoy learning? Expand your knowledge with Audiobook Store’s wide variety of educational books. You’ll find everything from self-help and fitness to language learning and psychology. Check it out today!

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