Hear it before you see it: The Bridgerton Series

Ladies and gentlereaders,

Unless you’ve been living under a British rock, you’ve probably heard of the new show “Bridgerton”. Adapted from the writings of Julia Quinn, the show features the plot from the first of seven books in a series, one novel for each of the Bridgerton family, who are the heroines/heroes of the series, hence the title of the show. Duh.

Think a heartfelt family dramedy but with corsets, (thwarted) duels, balls, smoldering stares, and enough sexual tension to support a suspension bridge. (Hey! Is that how Quinn came up with the name?!)

Below we offer our short character analysis of the novels, each one smart, seductive fun in their own way. Listening out of order won’t impact your understanding, so start with whichever pair seems the most swoon-worthy! 

The Duke and I 

  • Daphne; Eldest Bridgerton daughter. Securing a loving yet beneficial match is her sport of choice. Main desire is to become a mother, but in the grand tradition of anyone rich and female in the 1800s (and us in 8th grade) she’s pretty sure babies fall out of the sky.
  • Simon Basset: wounded Byronic boyfriend we all wanted in high school till we learned it required too much emotional labor, just go to therapy, Jeremy. He will not fall for Daphne, do you hear us? He REFUSES

The Viscount Who Loved Me 

  • Anthony: Eldest Bridgerton brother. Ugh, fine, he’ll get married but he won’t be happy about it, and he’ll make sure it’s with someone he won’t love because everyone knows love is for servants.
  • Kate Sheffield: Sir, you will absolutely not marry her timid biddable sister. She’s going to be over here chaperoning/being spirited and single forever as she’s 25 and hence destined to become a barren witch and not your wife. NOT YOUR WIFE.

An Offer From a Gentlemen

  • Sophie Beckett: She’s a servant who sneaks into a ball and falls into insta-love with Benedict and you know what this is a bit of a rip off from Cinderella and we all know it. Still fun though.
  • Benedict: He loves this chick named Sophie, then he whines about it a lot because she’s a poor?! Is it contagious?

Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

  • Penelope Featherington: She’s loved Colin Bridgerton forever. Seriously. She saw him first. They’ve been friends forever. Everyone else can back. Off.
  • Colin Bridgerton: We’re wondering what the 19th century version of removing the popular girl’s glasses is, because that basically happens. Colin comes back from galivanting and suddenly his sister’s best friend who’s always been a 5 is a solid 10, to the altar! Posthaste! No engagements over 2 weeks!

To Sir Philip With Love

  • Eloise Bridgerton: She’s brazen and has opinions about more than ribbons so naturally Phil here assumes she’s a hag and pretty desperate.
  • Sir Phillip: He’s hot but melancholy and strong and just go ok?! This is a marriage of convenience. He doesn’t need anyone, he doesn’t want to be loved he just wants someone to push out a baby and then leave him alone and they totally fall in love don’t they?

It’s in His Kiss

  • Hyacinth Bridgerton: She’s smart and gorgeous and spirited so obviously no one should marry her ever. Never ever. She’s also fluent in several languages. See, smart?
  • Gareth St. Clair: How is Italian even a language? Girls can read?

On The Way to the Wedding

  • Gregory Bridgerton: He doesn’t even like Lucinda that way, okay? Her friend is more his type and he’s going to win said friend over. But how? How?
  • Lucinda Abernathy: She’s the best friend, the Judy Greer of this scenario and she’s about the help Gregory woo her pal, thinks no one, because they’re clearly going to make out in a garden or something. Place your bets, garden or study. Let’s be real, it’s why we’re all here. 

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