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These next few audiobooks rank as some of the most anticipated for release and our hearts. If you’re just now getting around to the hottest releases from last month we’re here to make sure you get your ears on the best and brightest.

Your Move – an Audio Bible Study – Andy Stanley

Indecision is a mental prison that the most seasoned escape artists have trouble escaping. Well, get ready for a Bible study that holds the key to your mental freedom! It combines discernment techniques with Biblical principles to help you take on each and every choice you’ve ever struggled to make. Learn when to go for it and when to pause and contemplate, and get some prayer time in on top of it? Say no more.

Amongst Our Weapons – Ben Aaronovitch 

This is the 9th installment in a series that perfectly balances fantasy, humor, and thrill. It stars a constable turned wizard in training who trolls the streets of London, on the case for both “normal” and magical crimes. This is the blend of funny and fantastic that you (much like the detective) have been searching for.

Unexpected Blessings – Roma Downey

These days mindfulness is everywhere. There are apps for your commute, and meditations to wake up and fall asleep to. We wouldn’t be surprised if there was a yoga practice for doing the dishes. With so many to choose from, it can be easy to lose the forest for the trees in terms of the actual point of meditation. That’s why we love Downey’s (yes, “Touched By an Angel”… that Downey) simple, straightforward devotional that is equal parts mindfulness, inspiration, and prayer. Back to basics never sounded better.

Last Dance on Starlight the Pier – Sarah Bird

This book stars the most unlikely of events as the main plot catalyst: dance marathons? Don’t be fooled though, because Bird somehow weaves them together with a down on her luck, ex-vaudevillian heroine and ties it all together with a heaping serving of 30s nostalgia. It’s a testament to the grit and the determined spirit of the American Dream. Yeah, we didn’t see that coming either, but it’s always a welcome surprise. 5,6,7,8…

Fierce Poison – Will Thomas

Strangers with candy? Try strangers with raspberry tarts. It’s always a bit awkward when your next client drops dead in your office, and with a serial tarter on the loose, it’s all hands on deck to figure out who the culprit may be; who indeed does have it out for our favorite duo of the House of Commons? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Thanks for reading! All these audiobooks and more are available now on! We hope you’re as excited about these new editions as we are, and make sure to check out our FlexPass Membership for the ultimate roster of podcasts, savings on audiobooks, and more!

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