If You Loved “The Last of Us”

If you’ve yet to watch “The Last of Us”, are you even alive right now? Go watch it, so we can have someone to commiserate with. 

If you have graced your eyeballs with the wonder that is TLOU and are now going through some dystopian withdrawal, we’ve got the answer for you. Below you’ll find a hand list of some of the most popular apocalypse listens available, and rest assured; none of these will rip out your heart and stomp on it like episode 3 (probably). 

What Moves the Dead – T. Kingfisher

Oof, we love a good Edgar Allan Poe retelling, and this one does not disappoint. Think “Fall of the House of Usher” but creepier (yeah it’s possible) with some actual character development (no shade to the master, but he specialized in short stories). 

We follow a soldier, Easton, in a fictional world as he travels to his old friends’ – the Usher siblings’ – home and finds that things are…weirder than when he last saw them. The lake is glowing, the rabbits are grotesque, and there are aggressive growths and fungi everywhere. Madeline Usher is essentially possessed, and Easton must work with a hodgepodge team of characters to figure out just what is going on. 

The Ruins – Scott Smith 

If you’re looking forward to spending some quality time in your garden, maybe sit this one out. Here we’ve got some seriously twisted vines (sorry we had to); I know what you’re thinking…the creep factor in this one is infections…vines? 

Listen, these plants did NOT come to play; they did, however, come to torment a group of spring-breakers who find themselves stuck atop a mountain with dwindling rations and way too much vegetation. We bite plants, but what happens when they bite back?

The Troop – Nick Cutter

Up next on our nightmare-fuel list, we’ve got killer tapeworms terrorizing a boy scout troop. A small faction of young woodsmen accompany their scout leader to a remote island; to authenticate the experience the troop leader makes sure that, apart from a radio, no one in the group has a way to contact anyone for help. Of course, he does.

Things quickly go awry with a mysterious stranger arriving in a boat, looking impossibly gaunt. Naturally, he throws up some worms and things really get going from there. Don’t listen while eating. Or maybe do…did we just come up with a new diet?

The Road – Cormac McCarthy

Oprah loved this one so we automatically do, too. Get ready for the bleakest father/son tale you’ve ever listened to. Earth’s population and pretty much every living thing besides humans have been wiped out, and it’s too cold to survive winter up north. Sorry, Canada. A boy and his father embark on a harrowing journey south, and up, well, it’s the apocalypse with barely any food and no ideal growing conditions so, things do not go well. Lots of people eating in this one (from the bad guys) so, again, proceed with caution around eating and listening.

Thanks for reading! All these audiobooks and more are available now on AudiobookSTORE.com! We know any one of these will do for your post-apocalyptic needs. And make sure to check out our FlexPass Membership for the ultimate roster of podcasts, savings on audiobooks, and more! 

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