A Man of Many Genres: Why Men, Women, and Children Love David Baldacci

Everything You Need to Know about David Baldacci and His Books

It’s nearly every author’s dream to have at least one of their books adapted for the big screen.

David Baldacci is an author that has had that privilege – multiple times over. In fact, his debut novel was developed into a movie, and not just any movie, but one directed by Clint Eastwood.

Though Absolute Power came out over 20 years ago, Baldacci’s fame hasn’t settled. He’s just as popular as ever!

David Baldacci is a prolific author to be sure, but he’s also a Renaissance author in that he seems to be able to write in any genre and appeal to any audience.

Everything Readers Need to Know about David Baldacci

Baldacci was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He received a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, after which he attended University of Virginia School of Law. He then went on to practice law in Washington, D.C. for just under a decade. In other words, he’s one smart cookie.

David Baldacci developed a passion for writing at a very young age, and his mother encouraged him by loading him up with pens and notebooks to record his stories. Over the next two decades of his life, he would pen screenplays and short stories.

While practicing law in D.C., Baldacci took time out of his busy schedule to start writing a novel. Due to his full schedule, it took him approximately three years to finish his debut novel, Absolute Power. It became a huge hit, becoming an international bestseller and garnering him the ability to quit focusing on law and direct his attention toward his real passion.

Since that time (1996), he’s written 44 books for various audiences, including children. Of those books, 37 have gone on to be bestsellers.

Why Baldacci’s Books Appeal to So Many Readers

The majority of Baldacci’s books are crime thrillers, but he doesn’t stop there. He’s written multiple books for children and even some dramatic romances that have been good enough to be adapted for television.

Here are some reasons why this author is such a fan favorite. Note—spoilers ahead.

Crime Thrillers

Who doesn’t love a good crime thriller? The fast pace, the edge-of-your-seat intensity – it’s great!

Baldacci has been able to get the formula for a great thriller down.

Take, for example, his all-time great novel, Absolute Power. It’s a story about a thief who witnesses a murder, but not just any murder. The thief witnesses the President of the United States having sex with a woman who is most definitely not his wife. In time, their passion turns violent and the Secret Service bursts in and kills the woman.

Now, there’s a huge cover-up, with the President assuming he can get away with anything because he’s the most powerful man in the world.

Not only does the thief want to bring the President to justice for the wrongs committed, but in the process, he must protect himself from becoming yet another victim.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Most of Baldacci’s crime novels have been described as thrilling stories that readers can’t put down.

Children’s Books

Most writers out there stick to a single genre. There are, however, a few who will diverge from their original course and try something new. David Baldacci is one such author. In fact, he goes in the complete opposite direction – from gritty crime thrillers to engrossing children’s books.

Back in 2014, Baldacci launched a kids’ fantasy series called the Vega Jane series. The first book, entitled The Finisher, introduces the reader to Vega Jane, a 14-year-old girl who never runs away from a fight—and fight she must.

Vega finds out her whole life is based on a series of lies, the biggest being that no one can leave her village, as the only thing that awaits them is death and destruction. Eventually, Vega learns the truth and follows clues to an even darker conspiracy, all while fighting for her life.

Another children/family/coming-of-age book by Baldacci entitled Wish You Well was made into a movie in 2013. It stars Ellen Burstyn, Mackenzie Foy, and Josh Lucas.

Romantic Dramas

Baldacci doesn’t stop at children’s books. He has also attempted to tackle romantic dramas, and he’s obviously succeeded being that one of them was adapted for television by the Hallmark channel.

The story, The Christmas Train, was made into a TV movie in 2017 and stars Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Dermot Mulroney, and Danny Glover.

The Christmas Train totally fits into the Hallmark mold. There’s plenty of holiday magic, as well as a beautiful love story. And of course, the main character learns some important lessons.

New to David Baldacci Audiobooks? Here’s Where to Start

With so many books under his belt, it’s hard to know where to start with the long (and ever-growing) list of David Baldacci books.

Here’s a list of his must-read books, a great way to get started on the exciting rollercoaster of thrilling stories that Baldacci has to offer.

How Readers Can Stay Up to Date on All Things Baldacci

Whether readers are fans of David Baldacci or are just getting to know and appreciate his work, they’ll want to stay up to date on:

  • New book release dates
  • Appearances (autographed book + meet and greet, anyone?)
  • Giveaways
  • Promotions

The best way to keep track of what Baldacci is up to is to sign up for his newsletter or follow him on social media. He can be found on the following platforms:

When this author releases new books, readers should definitely check them out on Audio Bookstore. Baldacci hires award-winning narrators, like Edoardo Ballerini, to narrate his stories. The feeling and intensity that these voice actors add to the story make them even more enjoyable and engrossing.  

Are you ready to immerse yourself in David Baldacci books? Check out our Baldacci section. With over 75 titles to choose from, you’ll have plenty of audiobooks to keep you entertained for months!

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