Monthly Archives: March 2023

Twisty Turn-ey

We at love a good twist, which is why we’ve assembled a list of listens guaranteed to give you that feeling you got after finishing The Sixth Sense. We’re fairly certain M. Night himself would approve of any one of these listens for their ability to make you audibly …

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It’s Called Healing, People

We don’t know about you, but we love us a redemption arc, which is why we picked this list of listens that’s sure to drag you down and then lift you up higher than when you started. Here we meet characters who make their mistakes and then own them, which …

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Revisiting John Grisham

Did you know that John Grisham was a Mississippi State Representative? Because we sure didn’t know. How did he find the time? He got into politics after getting a doctorate and practicing law. Show off. Remind us this the next time we think we need an entire day to grocery …

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