Revisiting John Grisham

Did you know that John Grisham was a Mississippi State Representative? Because we sure didn’t know. How did he find the time? He got into politics after getting a doctorate and practicing law. Show off. Remind us this the next time we think we need an entire day to grocery shop- dude has a prolific writing career and apparently found time to dabble in politics at the professional level. Perhaps most well known for his expansive collection of books, from thriller to heartwarming, a Grisham listen is the literary equivalent of a well-worn t-shirt. Enjoy.

Boys from Biloxi

Here we’ve got one of his latest thrillers, and we like to think of it like a platonic Romeo & Juliet. We highly doubt the mafia is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider Mississippi, but this one does a deep dive into one of the state’s most beloved coastal towns…that harbors more than great fish and beaches. Two former childhood friends find themselves on opposite sides of the law in this town, and the twists and turns in their journey of potential reconciliation will have you on the edge of your seat. 

The Judge’s List

Two groovy chicks take the law into their own hands (albeit one does so reluctantly) in the name of vigilante justice. Jeri’s father was murdered by a judge of all people, and she’s desperate to have justice served (in this case literally…get it?). She tasks disillusioned Lacy Stolz with helping her bring the judge-turned-serial killer down…but how do you bring down a man who knows the law better than anyone?

The Reckoning 

What’s that movie that talks about how changing one thing can alter the rest of your life? Anyway, this sweeping family drama will have you ruminating over that exact question as you listen along to the treacherous journey of the rise and fall of the Banning family. Impacted by war, class, racism, and shame, the family at the center of the storm asks us to confront with them old secrets thought long buried, and begs us to answer the question, “Could this all have been different?”

Theodore Boone: The Accused

Here we’ve got a YA thriller that definitely still packs a mysterious punch. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, young Theo must investigate the crime himself since everyone else is certain of his guilt. He discovers dark secrets about his town, school, and people he thought he knew, as he learns just how connected his own situation is to a local salacious murder trial. And we thought pre-calc was hard.

The Summons

Grisham really seems to love familial secrets as the plot twists. While we love them in fiction, we hope he’s ok. Here we have a son sent to execute his father’s will and instead finds a large sum of money in his father’s home with mysterious origins. Where did it come from? How did his father amass such a sum? And why isn’t it mentioned or accounted for in the will? In a questionable act of shadiness, the son Ray figures it’s fair game and takes it…ok Ray. We guess there’s no good rule of thumb for discovering your father secretly kept millions of dollars but still, it feels low-key shady. The joke’s on him though since it appears the money wasn’t so secret after all…and now someone is stalking him…

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