Monthly Archives: January 2023

British Literature Everyone Should Have Read By Now

Below you’ll find classics that hipsters at micro-breweries know well – classics that while they have merit in the literary world, might have missed a spot on a standard reading list. If you’ve ever dreamed of connecting with an English professor as you drift across moors, (one or both of …

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Tudor Binge

We’re not afraid to admit we’re late to the party that is everything Tudor. After binging every show and movie we could find (some of them very questionable- do better Hollywood) we were thrilled to discover’s treasure trove of Elizabethan listens. What’s even better is the list we’ve compiled …

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Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Who doesn’t love a good hero saves-the-day kinda story? You know the type- boy hero is good and if you want bonus points, an underdog. He comes in (often at the last minute during a fantastic fight scene or pivotal plot twist) and saves the world, gets the girl, or …

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