Monthly Archives: February 2023

Classic Retellings

This week it’s time to take a second look at classics you always thought were too boring to be interested in. Any one of these classic retellings on this list would make a compelling selection for your next listen. Also no offense to Shakespeare or Emily Bronte or any other …

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Other Julia Quinn

If our Netflix queue is any indication, we and half the world are still very much in love with all things Bridgerton…but Julia Quinn actually has a lot more to offer than that singular series. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll hold the Bridgerton fam near and dear to our hearts …

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Spare Spotlight

Is anyone even talking about anything else? Prince Harry truly pulled all the punches in Spare, and if you’re on the fence about listening, well, here’s your sign to go for it. The audiobook is read by the ginger himself, as he leaves nothing back (seriously, from a boxers-clad king …

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