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The Vision of the AnointedOur site offers a great selection of social science/general social science titles from top authors like Malcolm Gladwell and Thomas Sowell. Our comprehensive inventory of social science/general social science books includes such great choices as Braiding Sweetgrass, The Vision of the Anointed and Talking to Strangers to name a few to name a few. We make it as easy as possible to be listening to all of your favorite authors right now on your favorite devices. Browse our incredible social science/general social science audio book selection and find all of the great listens you've been looking for!

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Extended Sample The Vision of the Anointed  by Thomas Sowell
Extended Sample Talking to Strangers  by Malcolm Gladwell
Extended Sample Braiding Sweetgrass  by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Extended Sample A Conflict of Visions  by Thomas Sowell
Extended Sample White Trash  by Nancy Isenberg
Extended Sample A People's History of the United States  by Howard Zinn
Extended Sample A Short History of Medicine  by Frank González-Crussi
Extended Sample Black Gun, Silver Star  by Art T. Burton
Extended Sample The Sexual Healing Journey  by Wendy Maltz
Extended Sample Full Service  by Scotty Bowers
Extended Sample Medical Apartheid  by Harriet A. Washington
Extended Sample The Myth of Race  by Robert Wald Sussman
Extended Sample White Awake  by Daniel Hill
Extended Sample Character Disturbance  by George K. Simon Jr.
Extended Sample Race and Reunion  by David W. Blight
Extended Sample Becoming Animal  by David Abram
Extended Sample The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight Revised and Updated  by Thom Hartmann
Extended Sample Return of the Primitive  by Ayn Rand
Extended Sample Compassion versus Guilt, and Other Essays  by Thomas Sowell
Extended Sample Jefferson’s Muslim Fugitives  by Jeffrey Einboden
Extended Sample Confessions of an Economic Hit Man  by John Perkins
Extended Sample Custer Died for Your Sins  by Vine Deloria
Extended Sample Rise of the Warrior Cop  by Radley Balko
Extended Sample War Without Mercy  by John W. Dower
Extended Sample Sister Outsider  by Audre Lorde
Extended Sample Dark Dreams  by Roy Hazelwood
Extended Sample The Girls Who Went Away  by Ann Fessler
Extended Sample Drink  by Ann Dowsett Johnston
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