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Avicenna and Medieval Muslim is your premier source for social science/islamic studies books from all of your favorite authors including . Our impressive collection of social science/islamic studies titles includes such great choices as Avicenna and Medieval Muslim Philosophy, The Underground Girls of Kabul and Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an to name a few. We conveniently offer downloadable audio and no matter what your favorite portable listening device is you can be listening to compelling books in no time. Spend some time exploring our incredible social science/islamic studies selection and find all of the titles you're looking for!

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Extended Sample Avicenna and Medieval Muslim Philosophy by Thomas Gaskill
Extended Sample Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an by Denise A. Spellberg
Extended Sample The Underground Girls of Kabul by Jenny Nordberg
Extended Sample Destiny Disrupted by Tamim Ansary
Extended Sample Terrorism, Jihad, and the Bible by John MacArthur
Extended Sample Two Billion Caliphs by Haroon Moghul
Extended Sample Philosophy in the Islamic World by Peter Adamson
Extended Sample The Book Of Muhammad by Mehru Jaffer
Extended Sample Women and Gender in Islam by Leila Ahmed
Extended Sample Global Islam by Nile Green
Extended Sample Conditional Citizens by Laila Lalami
Extended Sample Demystifying Shariah by Sumbul Ali-Karamali
Extended Sample Jefferson’s Muslim Fugitives by Jeffrey Einboden
Extended Sample Muslim Women Are Everything by Seema Yasmin
Extended Sample Islam For Dummies by Malcolm Clark
Extended Sample Married to a Bedouin by Marguerite van Geldermalsen
Extended Sample I'm Writing You from Tehran by Delphine Minoui
Extended Sample Islamic History by Adam J. Silverstein
Extended Sample American Islamophobia by Khaled A. Beydoun
Extended Sample Born with Wings by Daisy Khan
Extended Sample Murder in Amsterdam by Ian Buruma
Extended Sample Misquoting Muhammad by Jonathan A. C. Brown
Extended Sample Notes on a Foreign Country by Suzy Hansen
Extended Sample I Was Told to Come Alone by Souad Mekhennet
Extended Sample Children of Jihad by Jared Cohen
Extended Sample Defeating ISIS by Malcolm Nance
Extended Sample Letters to a Young Muslim by Omar Saif Ghobash
Extended Sample Who Speaks for Islam? by Dalia Mogahed
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