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You Are Not a GadgetOur computers/digital media audio collection offers a wide variety of great titles to choose from. Explore a compelling selection of books including Digital Camera, Fake Photos and Rehumanize Your Business to name a few to name a few. Our inventory of computers/digital media books includes works from prominent authors like . And once you've found a great title download it and start listening immediately. Listening to a bestselling audiobook just doesn't get any easier or more convenient than that!

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Extended Sample Rehumanize Your Business by Ethan Beute
Extended Sample Fake Photos by Hany Farid
Extended Sample Digital Camera by Tony J. White
Extended Sample Merchants of Truth by Jill Abramson
Extended Sample Photography by Scott J. Adler
Extended Sample Breaking News by Alan Rusbridger
Extended Sample Photoshop by Ryan B. Morris
Extended Sample Photography Express by KnowIt Express
Extended Sample Set the Tone by Darrin Thompson
Extended Sample A History of Video Games in 64 Objects by World Video Game Hall of Fame
Extended Sample Audio Engineering Tip's Audio Engineering by Donald Reed
Extended Sample Everything You Need to Know about Social Media by Greta Van Susteren
Extended Sample Liminal Thinking by Dave Gray
Extended Sample How Audio Works by Vincent Musolino
Extended Sample Memes by Limor Shifman
Extended Sample You Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier
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