House of Heroin: Inside the Secret Billion-Dollar Narco-Terror Empire That Is Killing America Audiobook, by Haroon Ullah Play Audiobook Sample

House of Heroin: Inside the Secret Billion-Dollar Narco-Terror Empire That Is Killing America Audiobook

House of Heroin: Inside the Secret Billion-Dollar Narco-Terror Empire That Is Killing America Audiobook, by Haroon Ullah Play Audiobook Sample
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A disturbing inside look at the Muslim Mafia, the organized crime syndicate that controls global opiate production and trafficking, a story of corruption, terrorism, greed, and human suffering from a veteran US State Department official and former senior adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry

Today, a powerful crime organization thrives, one that may exert even more influence than the Italian Mafias fabled Five Families. Based primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan, this other Mafia is responsible for the majority of the worlds heroin production and distribution, estimated to be worth thirty to fifty billion dollars annually.

In this expansive, eye-opening book, seasoned American diplomat Haroon K. Ullah draws upon his deep personal contacts and professional experience pursuing drug traffickers to examine the global struggle between Western law enforcement and this Muslim drug cartel. He reveals how, for years, the global heroin trade has been controlled by a handful of powerful Pakistani and Afghan families. These drug lords, in collusion with corrupt government officials and a newly resurgent Taliban, partner with a large trafficking and distribution syndicate to move vast quantities of poppy seed pods to processing labs in Afghanistan and Pakistan. These labs then produce the heroin and opium that is shipped to Karachi and distributed to markets in Europe and North America and on to the streets of cities and small towns, helping to fuel the opioid crisis ravaging millions of lives. The money generated from these drugs pays for the terrorists attacking soldiers and civilians worldwide.

Moving from the poppy fields of Helmand Province, Kabul, and Karachi to London and New York, The House of Heroin interweaves facts and insights with numerous powerful stories from Ullahs time in the State Department. The result is a fascinating, informed, and personal narrative of the modern drug trade from poppy cultivation in the Middle East to small communities across the United States.

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“Ullah has proven himself to be one of those rare people who can identify patterns on the information battlefield and cogently illustrate what is at stake for future generations.”

— Jared Cohen, New York Times bestselling author 

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About Haroon Ullah

Haroon K. Ullah serves as Chief Strategy Officer at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an $800+ million global media agency. Prior to joining BBG, Haroon advised three secretaries of state, traveled with Ambassador Richard Holbrooke’s Afghanistan/Pakistan team, and started the first-ever public diplomacy countering violent extremism office at any American Embassy (US Embassy Islamabad). He teaches at Georgetown University and is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He served as senior Harvard University Belfer Fellow, where he completed his graduate coursework at the Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School. Ullah has a MA and Ph.D. in international political economy, and was a William J. Fulbright Fellow, a Harvard University Presidential Scholar, and a Woodrow Wilson Public Service Fellow. His award-winning books include “Vying for Allah’s Vote” (Georgetown University Press), “The Bargain from the Bazaar” (Public Affairs Books), and the new “Digital World War” (Yale University Press), which has been featured on Diane Sawyer (ABC 20/20), CNN News Day with Chris Cuomo, CBS news and focuses on the new ‘information battlefield’ and uses for technology, transmedia, and digital content.