Business German: Immersion-based course for office professionals Audiobook, by Blangly Play Audiobook Sample

Business German: Immersion-based course for office professionals Audiobook

Business German: Immersion-based course for office professionals Audiobook, by Blangly Play Audiobook Sample
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Read By: Barney Cooper Publisher: Blangly Listen Time: at 1.0x Speed 3.33 hours at 1.5x Speed 2.50 hours at 2.0x Speed Release Date: February 2023 Format: Unabridged Audiobook ISBN: 9798823449182

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Publisher Description

Speak Business German with confidence!

- Three innovative learning modes (learning, immersion and test)

- 20 topics covering all aspects of business communication

- Only relevant, up-to-date vocabulary

- The right mix of formal and informal language

- Real Business German course designed by experienced professionals

We know that while working it can be difficult to find the time and energy to learn a foreign language. That is why this course was created with busy professionals in mind. It allows you to learn effectively and effortlessly, and the effects are visible after just a few days.

Our method is based on language immersion. This means that you learn a language by listening, repeating and memorizing sentence structures. Our method does not require you to learn vocabulary or cram grammar rules. You only need to listen to the recordings included in this course regularly and attentively, and after only a short time you will begin to speak the new language intuitively!

Every lesson is available in three different modes:

- learning mode (English ? German ? German) - learn the new meanings,

- immersion mode (only German) - immerse in the language,

- test mode (English ? pause ? German) - test your knowledge.

This course focuses only on relevant expressions that are used in offices every day. That way, you don't waste time learning phrases you'll never have the opportunity to use in practice.


1. Meetings & Calls

2. Business Presentations

3. Daily Operations

4. Giving Feedback

5. Managing Conflict

6. Job Interview

7. Human Resources

8. Leadership

9. Strategy & Vision

10. Companies & Markets

11. Marketing

12. Sales

13. Negotiations

14. Customer Service

15. Reporting & Data Analysis

16. Project Management

17. Computers & Technology

18. Product & Manufacturing

19. Logistics

20. Finance

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