Activating Your 5D Frequency: A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions Audiobook, by Judith Corvin-Blackburn Play Audiobook Sample

Activating Your 5D Frequency: A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions Audiobook

Activating Your 5D Frequency: A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions Audiobook, by Judith Corvin-Blackburn Play Audiobook Sample
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Read By: Luke Robinson, Luke Bob Robinson Publisher: Inner Traditions Audio Listen Time: at 1.0x Speed 8.17 hours at 1.5x Speed 6.13 hours at 2.0x Speed Release Date: June 2020 Format: Unabridged Audiobook Delivery: Instant Download ISBN: 9781644112502

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A guide to navigating the transition from 3D to 5D and reclaiming the ancient powers of love, creativity, and unity consciousness lying dormant in our DNA

• Details what is happening psychologically, emotionally, and socially with the dimensional shift and provides a vision of life on 5D Earth

• Offers transformative activations and tools to meet the psycho-spiritual demands of this transition, including identifying and integrating the shadow self, healing emotional wounds, and discovering higher frequencies

• Explains how to navigate the Ascension process, especially in terms of handling emotions, resistances, and fears, and how to welcome these new frequencies

We are in a time of great transition. Higher frequency light is flooding our planet, awakening large numbers to reclaim our original nature as fifth-dimensional humans. As 5D humans, we live from our heart’s wisdom, from Unity Consciousness, unconditional love, and unbridled creativity. 5D humans have highly developed inner senses of empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairsentience--qualities that are opening for many as we go through this dimensional shift.

While this journey is exciting, its demands can be overwhelming. In this hands-on guide to activating the 5D potential lying dormant in our DNA, Judith Corvin-Blackburn shows us how to navigate the Ascension process, including how to handle emotions, resistances, and fears and welcome our 5D frequencies. Using the 9-dimensional-axis theory first explored by Barbara Hand Clow, the author details what is happening psychologically, emotionally, and socially with the dimensional shift, including revealing the denser, pain-inducing frequency of being a 3D human and the challenges of the 4th dimension. She offers transformative activations and tools to explore and master the psycho-spiritual demands of this transition, including identifying and integrating the shadow self, healing emotional wounds that hold us back, and discovering higher frequencies and the cellular vibration of unconditional love and Oneness.

Once we reclaim ourselves as loving, conscious, creator beings and realize we are part of a global 5D team, together we can consciously help co-create a New Earth by anchoring the 5D frequency in both our inner and outer worlds.

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“Activating Your 5D Frequency comes at the perfect time, as the veils between the dimensions are dissolving. At this crucial crossroads, this graceful, down-to-earth work guides us to release the false 3D self, offering clear steps to shift our vibration into 5D. Corvin-Blackburn rings a clarion call to drop the old illusions, embrace our shadow side, and claim our true selves and true empowerment. An illuminating, enjoyable, much-needed message!”



  • A work of genius! Activating Your 5D Frequency is right on time, offering humanity a clear and concise cosmological guidebook for navigating the frequencies of the nine-dimensional axis of consciousness and supporting us as we collectively shift into fifth-dimensional humans of the heart.”

  • Judith has written a connect-the-dots compendium of our transition from 3D to 5D consciousness. Full of exercises designed to help us recognize and expand 5D consciousness as it already exists, this book also suggests life choices we can collectively implement that will lift our planet to a new level of harmony and cooperation. This book is a worthy contribution to this body of interest.”

  • A treasure trove of exquisitely timed teachings and exercises that will take us to the next level of our glorious human destiny with ease. I couldn’t stop reading once I started, and I plan to make this top-notch book required reading for my students!”

  • This book is a vision of a new way of life, yet you will recognize its vibration as that which already lives within you, ready to be given encouragement to quicken and emerge. Judith has mapped the path in a clear, loving, and no-nonsense style that makes this accessible to everyone on a spiritual path. If you are ready to understand and shift into what it takes to live as a fifth-dimensional human, the teaching has arrived.”

  • Judith is furthering one of the most important conversations of our time: who are we becoming? With tools to access, activate, and assist the ascension into our 5D multidimensional creative potential, she reminds us that we are on track to create a New Earth. I’m excited to be a part of the planetary team!”

  • These challenging times require us all not to lose heart and to live more consciously as heart-centered beings, bringing as much love, compassion, emotional clarity, and wisdom as possible to our lives and to the world in which we live. In this shared task, seasoned psychotherapist and wisewoman Judith Corvin-Blackburn is an inspired visionary coach and, at the same time, as accessible a guide as you would want your next-door neighbor to be.”

  • Judith came into this life as a way-shower and for decades has been helping people learn to free themselves from ego-based entanglements and limitations of the third-dimensional paradigm. In this book, she takes us a quantum step further to fifth-dimensional living in the heart-centered realm of unconditional love, with freedom from fear and limitation.”

  • Get ready for a shift in consciousness! This profound book is beautifully crafted and provides guidance that will quickly have you feeling empowered, connected, and experiencing your life from a higher level of awareness. Activating Your 5D Frequency is just what our planet and all of its inhabitants need right now.”

  • This book is a powerful finger on the pulse of humanity in these difficult times. Judith creates purpose and possibilities for the human race to navigate into higher frequencies that allow our bodies, our souls, our planet, and our multidimensional existence to be healed. Embrace this model for strong boundaries, creative and inspired flow throughout your multidimensional nature, and you too will embrace 5D activation on your way to empowered spirit.”

  • We live in multidimensional quantum times. Spirit is knocking at the doors of our awareness to open and step through into a larger reality. Judith masterfully escorts us through that doorway. In her own gentle and insightful way, she opens these higher dimensions to us and shows us how to use them to heal and transform those all too human parts of ourselves and become the limitless creator beings we have always been destined to be.”

  • Activating Your 5D Frequency provides the vital connective tissue needed for any spiritual traveler to negotiate human life and remain in wholeness. Judith gives us the ‘kitchen sink’ experience for our ascent to 5D human consciousness. Her conclusion reinforces the truth found in so many wisdom teachings: the key to higher consciousness lies in our hearts.”

  • I wasn’t expecting to have an actual physical reaction to a book about our multidimensionality, but this book has an energy that is palpable. I don’t usually buy into the thought when I hear someone say, ‘Just reading the book changed or uplifted my vibration,’ but I have to retract that now. This one does have its very own energetic imprint. Thank you, Judith, for helping me feel dimensions of myself that were never fully engaged before.”

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