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Talking to StrangersOur site offers a great selection of social science/general social science titles from top authors like Malcolm Gladwell and Thomas Sowell. Our comprehensive inventory of social science/general social science books includes such great choices as Manufacturing Consent, The Vision of the Anointed and Talking to Strangers to name a few to name a few. We make it as easy as possible to be listening to all of your favorite authors right now on your favorite devices. Browse our incredible social science/general social science audio book selection and find all of the great listens you've been looking for!

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Extended Sample Talking to Strangers  by Malcolm Gladwell
Extended Sample Manufacturing Consent  by Edward S. Herman
Extended Sample The Vision of the Anointed  by Thomas Sowell
Extended Sample Secret Slave  by Anna Ruston
Extended Sample The Death of Expertise  by Tom Nichols
Extended Sample Braiding Sweetgrass  by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Extended Sample The Great Reset  by Richard Florida
Extended Sample An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States  by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Extended Sample The Righteous Mind  by Jonathan Haidt
Extended Sample The Millionaire Next Door (abridged) by Thomas J. Stanley
Extended Sample A People's History of the United States  by Howard Zinn
Extended Sample Pedagogy of the Oppressed  by Paulo Freire
Extended Sample Wired for Dating  by Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT
Extended Sample A Short History of Medicine  by Frank González-Crussi
Extended Sample The Communist Manifesto and Other Writings  by Karl Marx
Extended Sample Dancing in the Streets  by Barbara Ehrenreich
Extended Sample Tehran Children  by Mikhal Dekel
Extended Sample Mountain to Mountain  by Shannon Galpin
Extended Sample Marriage, a History  by Stephanie Coontz
Extended Sample Triumph of the City  by Edward Glaeser
Extended Sample Facing East from Indian Country  by Daniel K Richter
Extended Sample If Women Rose Rooted  by Sharon Blackie
Extended Sample Empire of Borders  by Todd Miller
Extended Sample Stonewall  by David Carter
Extended Sample Becoming Animal  by David Abram
Extended Sample As Time Goes By  by Derek Taylor
Extended Sample The Anatomy of Motive  by John Douglas
Extended Sample Pushout  by Monique W. Morris
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