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Into the Magic ShopWe offer the widest selection of science/cognitive science audio books that you'll find anywhere online. Our science/cognitive science collection includes listens from acclaimed authors such as Lorna Landvik. Choose from an impressive variety of books including well-known titles like Into the Magic Shop, The Master and His Emissary and The End of Bias: A Beginning to name a few. You're sure to find plenty of excellent choices that will keep you entertained for many hours!

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Extended Sample The Marshmallow Test by Walter Mischel
Extended Sample Trying Not to Try by Edward Slingerland
Extended Sample Denial by Ajit Varki
Extended Sample Erasing Death by Sam Parnia
Extended Sample Animal Wise by Virginia Morell
Extended Sample The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton
Extended Sample The Ravenous Brain by Daniel Bor
Extended Sample Beyond Boundaries by Miguel Nicolelis
Extended Sample Why We Make Mistakes by Joseph T. Hallinan
Sample Unavailable Rethinking Intelligence by Rina Bliss
Sample Unavailable Rewire Your Brain 2.0 by John B. Arden, PhD, ABPP
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