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The Gospel of InclusionWe offer the widest selection of religion/philosophy audio books that you'll find anywhere online. Our religion/philosophy collection includes listens from acclaimed authors such as Harold S. Kushner and Roger E. Olson. Choose from an impressive variety of books including well-known titles like Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview, How to Think About God and Enneagram: A Complete Guide to Test and Discover 9 Personality Types, Develop Healthy Relationships, Grow Your Self-Awareness to name a few. You're sure to find plenty of excellent choices that will keep you entertained for many hours!

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Extended Sample Enneagram  by Jack L. Cardone
Extended Sample How to Think About God  by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Extended Sample Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview  by J. P. Moreland
Extended Sample On Liberty  by John Stuart Mill
Extended Sample Science Without God?  by Author Info Added Soon
Extended Sample Cultural Apologetics  by Paul M. Gould
Extended Sample The Secret of Life, Death, and Immortality  by Henry Fleetwood
Extended Sample The Darmapada The 1000 Petal Jeweled Lotus Of Wisdom Commentary by Buddhaghosa  by Buddhaghosa
Extended Sample The Prophet  by Kahill Gibran
Extended Sample Philosophy of Religion  by Tim Bayne
Extended Sample Come of Age  by Stephen Jenkinson
Extended Sample A God That Could Be Real  by Nancy Ellen Abrams
Extended Sample In Search of Wisdom  by Matthieu Ricard
Extended Sample Desiring the Kingdom  by James K. A. Smith
Extended Sample The Essentials of Christian Thought  by Roger E. Olson
Extended Sample Kierkegaard  by Stephen Backhouse
Extended Sample Why Religion is Good  by J. M. Kuczynski
Extended Sample The Perennial Philosophy  by Aldous Huxley
Extended Sample Kierkegaard  by Stephen Backhouse
Extended Sample Undeniable  by Douglas Axe
Extended Sample Renewing the Christian Mind  by Dallas Willard
Extended Sample It's Dangerous to Believe  by Mary Eberstadt
Extended Sample The Path  by Michael Puett
Extended Sample Nine Essential Things I've Learned About Life  by Harold S. Kushner
Extended Sample One Nation, Under Gods  by Peter Manseau
Extended Sample The Map of Heaven  by Eben Alexander
Extended Sample If I Had Lunch with C. S. Lewis  by Alister McGrath
Extended Sample C. S. Lewis  by C. S. Lewis
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