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Reading Romans with Eastern EyesWe offer the widest selection of religion/biblical criticism & interpretation audio books that you'll find anywhere online. Our religion/biblical criticism & interpretation collection includes listens from acclaimed authors such as Bart D. Ehrman. Choose from an impressive variety of books including well-known titles like Jesus, Interrupted, Holy Blood, Holy Grail and Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes to name a few. You're sure to find plenty of excellent choices that will keep you entertained for many hours!

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Extended Sample Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes  by Jackson Wu
Extended Sample Jesus, Interrupted  by Bart D. Ehrman
Extended Sample Holy Blood, Holy Grail  by Michael Baigent
Extended Sample How to Read the Bible Book by Book  by Gordon D. Fee
Extended Sample Tu mejor año (Your Best Year Ever)  by Michael Hyatt
Extended Sample Bible Doctrine: Audio Lectures  by Wayne A. Grudem
Extended Sample 1 Corinthians: Audio Lectures Part 1  by Paul D. Gardner
Extended Sample 1 Corinthians: Audio Lectures Part 2  by Paul D. Gardner
Extended Sample Strength of a Woman  by Lauren Crews
Extended Sample The Mission of God  by Christopher J. H. Wright
Extended Sample Three Views on Christianity and Science  by Zondervan
Extended Sample The Prayer of Agur  by Jay Payleitner
Extended Sample Evolution of Adam  by Peter Enns
Extended Sample The Bible With and Without Jesus  by Amy-Jill Levine
Extended Sample Getting Involved with God  by Ellen F. Davis
Extended Sample Womanist Midrash  by Wilda C. Gafney
Extended Sample Every Life Is on Fire  by Jeremy England
Extended Sample Forscher aus Leidenschaft. Gedanken eines Vernunftmenschen  by Richard Dawkins
Extended Sample The Fourth Gospel  by John Shelby Spong
Extended Sample The First Paul  by Marcus J. Borg
Extended Sample Ruth: Audio Lectures  by Daniel I. Block
Extended Sample The Gospel of the Son of God  by David Bauer
Extended Sample The Lost Art of Scripture  by Karen Armstrong
Extended Sample The Bible For Dummies  by Jeffrey Geoghegan
Extended Sample A History of the Bible  by John Barton
Extended Sample Jonah: Audio Lectures  by Kevin J. Youngblood
Extended Sample The Lost World of the Flood  by John H. Walton
Extended Sample Encountering the Old Testament  by Bill T. Arnold
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