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Diviniti PublishingDiviniti Publishing is one of the world's leading publishers of hypnosis and meditation audio recordings. Our vast selection of Diviniti hypnosis and meditation audio offers something for everyone, whether you're looking for self-help hypnotherapy audio to resolve troubling issues or break bad habits such as smoking and other addictions, or meditation audio recordings to achieve a state of deep relaxation and higher awareness.

Diviniti Publishing is also well-known as the home to award-winning author and hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold. Long considered to be one of the world's leading experts in the field of hypnotherapy, his recordings have helped millions of people improve their lives. Glenn Harrold's Complete Relaxation CD is the number 1 best selling self-help CD of all time in the UK. Other accomplished authors that call Diviniti Publishing home include Jan Yoxall, Christiane Kerr, Heather Bestel, and Lucinda Drayton. Download a selection from AudiobookStore's comprehensive library of meditation and hypnotherapy audio recordings from Diviniti Publishing and relax as you begin your journey toward a new state of mind and inner peace!

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