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The Robots of DawnOur site offers all of the computers/intelligence (ai) & semantics books you're looking for. Our incredible selection of audiobook titles includes great books such as The Robots of Dawn, The Book of Why and How Smart Machines Think to name a few. As you browse our vast collection of computers/intelligence (ai) & semantics titles you'll find a broad array of notable authors including Isaac Asimov. And no matter what media player you own you'll be listening to your favorite authors in no time as we conveniently offer downloadable audio. Explore our incredible computers/intelligence (ai) & semantics titles selection and get ready for many hours of stimulating entertainment!

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Extended Sample The Book of Why by Judea Pearl
Extended Sample The Robots of Dawn by Isaac Asimov
Extended Sample How Smart Machines Think by Sean Gerrish
Extended Sample Only Humans Need Apply by Thomas H. Davenport
Extended Sample Future Minds by Richard Yonck
Extended Sample We Know It When We See It by Richard Masland
Extended Sample The Artist in the Machine by Arthur Miller
Extended Sample Competing in the Age of AI by Karim R. Lakhani
Extended Sample The Reality Game by Samuel Woolley
Extended Sample The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil
Extended Sample HBR's 10 Must Reads on AI, Analytics, and the New Machine Age by Thomas H. Davenport
Extended Sample Architects of Intelligence by Martin Ford
Extended Sample You Look Like a Thing and I Love You by Janelle Shane
Extended Sample Artificial Intelligence by Melanie Mitchell
Extended Sample The Emperor's New Mind by Roger Penrose
Extended Sample Artificial Intelligence by Clifford A. Pickover
Extended Sample A Human Algorithm by Flynn Coleman
Extended Sample The Great Awakening by Wendell Charles NeSmith
Extended Sample Artificial Intelligence by Thomas H. Davenport
Extended Sample Deep Learning by John D. Kelleher
Extended Sample Rebooting AI by Gary Marcus
Extended Sample The AI Advantage by Thomas H. Davenport
Extended Sample Robot, Take the Wheel by Jason Torchinsky
Extended Sample Talking to Robots by David Ewing Duncan
Extended Sample The Artificial Intelligence Contagion by David Barnhizer
Extended Sample Conversational Marketing by Dave Gerhardt
Extended Sample Life Finds a Way by Andreas Wagner
Extended Sample Advanced Analytics and AI by Tony Boobier
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