Spring Cleaning

Ah, springtime. Oh love, oh life, oh pollen and dust that consumes every surface of your home! As you emerge to greet the sun, pale and full of hot soups, it’s natural to look around your space and be genuinely horrified by the conditions you settled for in the dark cold night of winter. But life in the warm light reveals what your space has become; dirty, dingy, and full of some smells you can’t identify, but would you even want to?

We can’t clean your baseboards or reline your cabinet shelves, but we can give you some sparkling audiobook recommendations to get your mental and physical space in tip-top shape.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning – Margareta Magnusson

There are two things we know for certain- we will see low-rise jeans in hell, and we are all going to die. If you’ve ever longed to encapsulate the vibe of Nordic Hygge while you also make peace with mortality, welcome. Magnusson infuses a dose of charming humor to the sometimes daunting task of cleaning and streamlining your life, for spring, and ultimately…one day…for the loved ones you leave behind.

Getting Clean With Stevie Green – Swan Huntley

If there’s one thing we love, it’s wordplay- getting clean being a prime example. This dramedy of a novel combines both meanings as we meet Stevie Green who is done with drinking AND with clutter. May we suggest timing out your cleaning crescendo to the big reveal of the unknown cause of her fall from grace in high school, which sent her down a path of mediocrity. Also, there’s a part where she throws away a bunch of empty wine bottles which we’re assuming is representative of her letting go of both garbage and past trauma. Here for both. 

Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess – Caroline Leaf

Sure, decluttering and cleaning up your physical home is a wonderful goal but what about your mental home as well? We focus so much on spring cleaning in a literal sense, but your mental health is just as important. Leaf is a doctor who uses clinical research to help you develop a plan so you can make mental space for happiness and growth by kicking anxiety, depression, and other traumas that are taking up too much space in your mental closet. 

Good Clean Fun – Nick Offerman

So this qualifies in name only, but trust us when we say it’s not one to miss. Nothing encourages a marathon cleaning spree like the thought of wood shavings flying everywhere. Prepare to hear stories from acclaimed actor Nick Offerman who offers much more than beloved TV and movie characters – we’re talking woodcarving skills. If you’ve ever wanted to understand the ethos of America in terms of carving techniques, this ones for you.

Spring Cleaning – Antonio Manzini

Another listen that skimps on the actual cleaning but this time delivers on adrenaline. There are three other mind-bending chronicles following the journey of Rocco Schiavone as he explores the underbelly of Italy seeking vengeance, retribution, and perhaps most desperately of all, clean streets.

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