Should You Read a Book Series? YES… Dive in!

We like to think that reading a book series is sort of like taking a long vacation. Every book is a great place to visit, and with the next book, you’ll land in a wonderful new destination. You can choose the nature of a series, too, from mystery to science fiction. There are many opinions about reading a series… should you start with the first book, start with the last one and read them in reverse order, or mix it up. But whatever method you choose, reading a series can be an enjoyable voyage as you anticipate what will happen next.  (Think of Twilight, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter!)

Here are two very popular series that readers love, both of which have recently added new releases to their collections. We think you might love them, too!

The Dresden Files 

Harry Dresden is a private investigator… and a professional wizard. Author Jim Butcher has created this series of contemporary fantasy/mystery novels, written in a first-person narrative from the perspective of Harry, who works out of a Chicago storefront using otherworldly magic to solve his cases. Readers are drawn into investigations of supernatural disturbances in modern day Chicago. Described as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Philip Marlowe.”, this highly entertaining series is a New York Times bestseller. With mystery, magic, and multi-facted characters, The Dresden Files is now 17 books of wonderfully captivating storytelling where you can escape! Check them out here.   

Memory Man

In the world of political thrillers full of action and intrigue, it doesn’t get any better than author David Baldacci! This prolific writer has over 40 titles and 130 million books in print that have been published in 45 languages! The Memory Man series centers around Amos Decker, a highly skilled investigator with a perfect memory, the result of a traumatic sports injury during his time as a pro football player. Decker’s inability to forget anything makes him a wonderful detective, but it’s also a curse for a man who has seen things he would rather not remember. As a valuable consultant to the FBI, Decker carries details of every event with him, including the painful memory of the murder of his wife and daughter.  Baldacci has written 6 books in this highly acclaimed series, each full of twists and turns… you’ll breathlessly fly through them all. Download the first book, Memory Man, here!

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