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The Top 6 Sandra Brown Books and Why You Need to Start Reading Them

When a reader comes across a popular yet prolific author, it can be difficult to know where to start when deciding which book(s) to read first.

Readers of Sandra Brown know this issue all too well. After all, Ms. Brown is the author of – ready for it? – 85 novels.

Thankfully, Audio Bookstore has readers covered. Anyone who has been facing the dilemma of where to start with these books, take note. Below readers will find the top six Sandra Brown books of all time.

Curious Where to Start? 6 Sandra Brown Books to Read Right Away

Sandra Brown writes in three main genres: thriller/suspense, romance, historical. Most of her books fall into the first two categories.

Brown didn’t start her career as an author. She was first a weathercaster and then a reporter for local news stations. It wasn’t until her husband dared her to write a book in 1981 that she started seriously writing. Since then, she’s written 85 books (some of which have been made into films), sold over 80 million copies, and landed on the New York Times Bestseller List over 50 times.

Based on reader reviews and critical success, here are the top six Sandra Brown books to download and start listening to today.

1. Envy

Maris, a successful book editor, gets a mysterious partial manuscript from an equally mysterious author known only by his initials. She’s able to hunt him down and get the remainder of his story. As she works with him, Maris becomes attracted to him, causing her to worry about the health of her marriage.

Once she gets back to New York, events unfold that lead Maris to believe that the mysterious author’s story – one in which three people leave on a boat for a raucous night together and only one returns – is more truth than fiction.

Is she safe or is she a pawn in someone else’s scheme for revenge?

2. Seeing Red

Years ago, a Dallas hotel was bombed, and reporters photographed Major Franklin Tapper helping people out of the rubble, a selfless act that turned him into a national hero.

Shortly thereafter, Tapper gave regular interviews and made speeches, but he’s since dropped off the radar.

Kerra Bailey, a TV journalist, wants to get down to the bottom of things. What’s happened to Tapper in the last 25 years? Why did he disappear? Kerra knows that getting an interview with Tapper will be the defining moment of her career.

An interview is set up, something that unfortunately leads to both Kerra and Major Tapper now being the targets of gunmen. Who are these men? Are they responsible for the bombing? What does Tapper know that could get him killed?

3. The Witness

Kendall Deaton is the best public defender South Carolina has ever seen. Like any investigator, Kendall comes across damning evidence all the time. At one point, she comes across chilling evidence that puts her in danger. What makes things even worse is that the information pertains to the man she’s married to, the father of her child.

Her only option is to get away, but in her attempt to do so, she ends up in a car accident. Somehow, she’s able to pull herself and her baby out of the wreckage, climb the ravine, and flag down some help. Now, her only chance for escape is to hide the identity of herself, her child, and of the passenger with her who now has amnesia.

4. French Silk

Who can resist a New Orleans setting? The fabulous culture, the sultry nights – it’s the perfect place for a seductive murder mystery.

French Silk was the first of Sandra Brown’s books that Hollywood adapted for the small screen, a TV movie of the same name starring the gorgeous Susan Lucci.

The story behind French Silk is that of a lingerie manufacturer accused of murder – and of the handsome detective assigned to investigate her. Obviously, romance will ensue.

5. Rainwater

Rainwater is one of Brown’s historical fiction books.

In this story, which is set in 1934 during the Great Depression, a single Texas mother named Ella turns her home into a boarding house. She runs things efficiently and is popular amongst her guests for her kind nature.

The town doctor hears that Ella has an opening and introduces her to a mysterious stranger, Mr. Rainwater, who needs a place to stay.

At first, Ella is reluctant to house him but eventually decides to take him in. Once she does, though, strange things start to happen and Ella’s whole world quickly starts to change.

6. The Silken Web

Love triangles are always a good basis for an exciting romantic thriller.

The Silken Web tells the story of Kathleen, Erik, and Seth. Kathleen marries one man while still in love with the other. What could possibly go wrong?

Kathleen’s life becomes a fragile web of lies, one that will eventually force her to decide between the family who needs her and the man who makes her heart pound.

Love Mystery, Suspense, and Romance? There’s No One Better Than Sandra Brown

Readers who love being glued to the edge of their seat will absolutely adore Sandra Brown. The twists, the turns, the romance – Sandra Brown books have it all!

A couple of words of caution, though.

First, for the reader who is not into steamy love scenes, these probably aren’t the books to read because there’s one love scene after another in most Sandra Brown books, even those not labeled “romance.”

Second, any readers who are looking for more than entertainment – these books might not be right either. Or, if they’re only into books that aren’t willing to break any of the rules, like over-the-top characters, clichés, sappy happy endings, and implausible plot twists because that’s exactly what readers get when they sit down to read a Sandra Brown book.

On the other hand, for those readers who are just looking for some simple, fun entertainment with a lot of drama, sexual tension, and suspense – these six Sandra Brown books are a great place to start.

If you’re like most admirers of Sandra Brown, once you start you won’t be able to stop. Check out more Sandra Brown audiobooks from our audio library when you’re ready for your next thriller or romance fix.

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