Romance Books to Curl Up by the Fire With

The temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are changing colors. The opportunities to sit outside by a fire are rising. There is nothing quite better than curling up by the warm fire with a good book. The best romance books for you to enjoy this fall are listed below. 

The Giver of Stars 

Alice Wright’s life in England is stifling, so she marries the handsome American that will give her a ticket to escape. However, small-town Kentucky quickly proves isn’t quite what she had in mind. She jumps at the opportunity to join a team of women who deliver books as a part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s traveling library to gain some excitement. This team of women inspires and motivates Alice to take control of her life as they face all kinds of dangers bringing books to people who have never had any. This captivating read from Jojo Moyes has been on the best seller list for weeks for good reason. Read it here.

Thick as Thieves 

Sandra Brown combines romance and thriller in her latest best seller. Twenty years ago Arden Maxwell’s father participated in a three man heist that ended with one in the hospital, one dead and one in jail. As Arden is searching for the truth she is being unknowingly watched by two of her father’s co-conspirators that are back in town. This story is filled with twists and turns while so many are bound to silence about the past and emotions begin to get involved.  Check out Thick as Thieves!


Caitlyn Sullivan was born into a family of Hollywood royalty and was pushed into the acting life from a young age. Until one day while playing hide and seek with some cousins, she was abducted. More than just a pretty face, Caitlyn was able to escape and find refuge in an empty house. When the owners came home, they comforted her and returned her to her family. However, years later Caitlyn is still recovering from the trauma as she finds her way back to Hollywood life. From love to trauma and betrayal, Nora Roberts captivates her audience again with this love story. Read Hideaway today.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine 

Eleanor’s life is just fine. She knows what she is doing every weekend by herself in her apartment while she struggles with appropriate social skills. She is perfectly fine with life being just fine. Then everything changes when she meets Raymond, the deeply unhygienic IT guy in her office. They happen to both be at the right place at the right time to help an elderly gentleman who fell on the sidewalk. From there a friendship begins and life becomes different than just fine for Eleanor Oliphant.

Me Before You 

Jojo Moyes pairs Louisa Clark and Will Traynor together in this novel. Although they couldn’t be more opposite, their lives intertwined when Louisa’s new job involved caring for Will after an accident that caused him to be wheelchair bound. Louisa is just a simple girl living a nothing extraordinary life when she gets tossed into the world of moody and arrogant Will. This is a truly contemporary love story for you to dive into.

Two by Two 

When thinking of the best romance books most people immediately think of Nicholas Sparks, and they aren’t wrong. Two by Two stands out from many famous Nicholas Sparks novels as it follows the story of Russell Green and his journey in finding himself and enjoying life with his lovable little girl after fault lines crack deep in his seemingly perfect marriage. Whether you have read all of Nicholas Sparks books or none at all, Two by Two is the perfect one to dive into this fall.

Other Romance Recommendations: 

28 Summers – Erin Hildebrand 

Fifty Shades of Grey – E. L. James

The Secret Sister – Brenda Novak 

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

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