New Season New You

*insert obvious metaphor of springtime blossoms mirroring your own aspirations of personal development in this new season of growth*

Let’s self-help this mess!

Will – Will Smith

You’d never know it by his winsome persona (Oscar scuffles notwithstanding) but early in his life Smith struggled with anxiety more than most kids; He’s also battled stage fright throughout his rise to fame. Listen along to his journey from a scared kid in West Philly to one of the most multi-talented performers of today. His journey is told with heart, and hope, and will surely inspire your own transformation. 

Codependent No More – Melody Beattie

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost yourself in the service of others? Does the thought of saying that give you emotional hives? Are you maintaining relationships with people who drain you, but your emotional needs don’t matter anyway so it’s fine?

No. None of the above is fine. Beattie is here to help you become fluent in the art of boundary setting with stories, tips, and even exercises and quizzes so you can see where you fall on the codependency scale. Let’s make this the year of mutually beneficial relationships, k?

Find Your People – Jennie Allen

We think we can all agree that making friends as adults is harder than prying apart produce bags at the grocery store. We are so scared of looking desperate or creepy that we rarely want to put ourselves out there. And how do you even meet people anyway? Allen will give you the tools to find and maintain a connection, instead of texting back and forth empty promises of hanging out for six months until you eventually delete each other from your phones. 

This Naked Mind – Annie Grace

Alcohol is one of the most pervasive social norms of, really, all of humanity. But if you’ve ever questioned your reliance on that glass of wine after work, or just wanted to learn more about the benefits of cutting back or cutting out completely, Grace gives you research-backed facts, psychology-based tools, and personal reflections sans judgment to help you rework (or maybe end) your walk with alcohol.

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